Kojie-San’s Sleeveless Ready Deo is the Perfect Summer Accessory

Years of walking under the sun without an umbrella when I commute and travel has finally taken its toll: my skin tone has gone a few shades darker. And while there’s nothing wrong with having dark skin, I’ve noticed that my skin has become uneven and I miss my original shade.

When it comes to lightening products, Kojie-san is the market leader when it comes to kojic acid. The brand is taking its tried-and-tested formula and adding it to its new Sleeveless Ready Deo, a deodorant, antiperspirant, and anti-bacterial that can bring flawless armpits.

It comes in two variants: White Confidence and Smooth & Light. There are also two variants for men, the Cool Energy and the Fresh Protect, but I’m feeling the fruity scent of the Smooth & Light. All variants offer 48-hour odor and wetness protection, which is perfect for the coming summer season.

I’m pairing the Ready Deo with a complete lineup of Kojie-san products, including the skin-lightening soap, the dual action cleanser + toner, the lightening cream (for the face), and the lightening lotion (for the body).

I’ve been working out at the gym religiously and I feel like I’ll make significant progress by the time summer rolls by. If I’m confident enough to bare my body at the beach, I know I’ll retain my original skin tone with this line of Kojie-san products!


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