Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion Rekindle Their Spark in New Video!

Local showbiz has produced iconic tandems: Jolina and Marvin, Claudine and Rico, John Lloyd and Bea, Alden and Maine. But in the Philippine entertainment scene, no one can beat the tandem of Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion. After spending 25 years apart on the big and small screen, the two are back in a commercial and can I just say…. they still have their chemistry!

In the commercial, the two chance upon each other in McDonald’s. The commercial is simple and there isn’t much dialogue or drama. It’s hinged on the former love team’s chemistry, which is still evident even after 25 years. I’m not part of the #ShaGab generation but you don’t need to be to fall in love with the way Gabby looks at Sharon and the manner she looks away. I have to admit I cried a little when I watched it the first time.

The background music is an acoustic version of Willy Cruz’s “Kumusta Ka,” and part of the lyrics go, “Kumusta ka? Ikaw ay walang pinag-iba. Ganyan ka rin nang tayo ay huling magkita. Tandang-tanda ko pa habang ako’y papalayao, tinitingnan kita hanggang wala ka na.” It’s the perfect tribute to the love team’s separation for almost three decades.

The #ShaGab love team began in 1981 when the ingenue Cuneta starred in her first feature film Dear Heart. By then, Concepcion achieved a level of fame as a Close-Up model and heartthrob. This was quickly followed by the sequel P.S. I Love You (the first project of Viva Films), then My Only Love. The two starred in more films until they got married in 1984, months after Cuneta’s 18th birthday.

In 1985, they had their daughter, KC Concepcion, who would become an actress in her own right. But Sharon and Gabby separated, Sharon finding love with then-radio personality and current senator Kiko Pangilinan, and Gabby with Jenny Syquia and then Genevieve Yatco Gonzales.

#ShaGab’s last film together was Tayong Dalawa in 1992.

Of course, everyone’s happy with the two’s marriages, but there’s a sense of nostalgia when we watched their McDonald’s commercial. They each pursued successful acting careers after their love team (Sharon in Madrasta, Gabby in I Love You, Goodbye) but there’s nothing like putting the two together on screen.

The same can be said for McDonald’s Chicken McDo and fries combination, which can be enjoyed on its own but better together. After watching this new commercial, I want some now.


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