According to Studies, This is What the Filipino Traveler is Like

Ever since airlines started offering budget fares, more and more Filipinos began traveling and exploring the world. I am one of those Filipinos and I now no longer think twice about flying to Hong Kong for a weekend of rest or going to Bangkok for a dose of culture. I don’t have trips lined up for this year and I can already feel my feet itching to fly somewhere and discover new things.

As many Filipinos are already planning their next destinations, I’m wondering what the profile of the Filipino traveler is like. Are they like me who is fine sharing a room with eight other strangers from around the world? Or who prefers visiting temples and museums instead of amusement parks?

Amadeus, a leading provider of advanced technology solutions for the global travel industry, published Journey of Me Insights: What Filipino Travelers Want, which is part of an Asia Pacific traveler study spanning 14 markets. And what they found was incredibly interesting.

According to Albert Pozo, the president of Amadeus Asia Pacific, there is no distinct Asia Pacific traveler as the region is too diverse. But for the Filipino market, there are certain things that stand out.

In terms of selecting locations and activities, Filipinos mostly rely on friends, family, and colleagues, as well as traveler reviews. I don’t read a lot of reviews but I rely on the testimonies of people I know whether a place is worth going or if an activity is worth doing. And when it comes to recommendations, 50% of Filipinos look for recommendations that will help them save money.

A total of 61% of Filipino travelers are open to sharing their data for greater personalization, a slightly lower number than 64% of Asia Pacific travelers. I agree with this statistic as I am ready to share my data so I can get services like wi-fi access. To ease the other travelers’ minds, it’s important for businesses to respect and protect personal data and the need for privacy at all times.

I find it important to stay connected and many Filipinos agree with me on this. According to Amadeus, 64% of Filipino travelers want to have an internet connection so they can share their photos and experiences with their friends and family back home, while 64% of travelers want to access maps and location information. These findings were confirmed when the study found out that the top three used apps by Filipinos abroad are Facebook, Google Maps, and TripAdvisor.

Even if they insist on staying online, it was found that Filipinos traveling want to be contacted on their own terms. A total of 52% prefer to be contacted via email. Strangely, it also found that only 8% want to receive a phone call while 6% want to be reached by messaging services. Looks like we would rather focus on what’s in front of us.

Amadeus also found out that for Filipinos, there’s no place like home. Over 55% of travelers look for newspapers or news programs from home and 78% care about finding service staff who speak the same language.

Of course, safety is important and many Filipinos think so, too. A total of 78% of travelers would avoid a destination that has had a recent terror attack. In terms of safety and security updates, 59% of Filipinos expect to get them from the embassy or the government, and their transport provider, while 57% expect to get them from friends and family.

Journey of Me Insights was conducted in collaboration with YouGov across Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. The total sample size was 6,870 adults across Asia Pacific who have traveled internationally in the last 12 months.

After reading all this, I’m now more convinced to book a flight somewhere. Maybe Hong Kong or Bangkok?


This story is in partnership with Amadeus Asia Pacific. For more information, visit the website or its blog.

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