The Sunday Currently: Volume 11

This week was all about discovering new places, seeing familiar faces, and witnessing intense traffic as people rushed through their Christmas parties and holiday shopping. I’m one of those people who put off their shopping at the last minute as I bought everything last night. Based on the number of people hoarding stuff from Uniqlo in SM Southmall and MAC in Rustan’s, it looks like a lot of people are going to have a fashionable Noche Buena tonight.


I’ve been reading Soseki Natsume’s I Am a Cat (English publication in 1972), a novel my ex-boyfriend bought me. I finally got around to reading it and I have to admit that it’s taking me quite a while to plow through it because nothing much happens. The novel is told through the eyes of an unnamed cat who observes human life, and is a commentary on the social upheaval during the Meiji period in Japan.

I finished reading the sixth issue of TEAM magazine with Geraldine Roman on the cover. The theme is travel and my favorite story is on six Filipino guys who share what life is like in Brooklyn, Hanoi, Vienna, Hong Kong, Dubai, and London. The story on Roman, the first transgender politician in the Philippines, is quite good, too. I’m also getting started on the magazine’s seventh issue, which focuses on respect and has Boy Abunda on the cover.

TEAM will launch its 11th issue on Tuesday and will focus on effeminate guys. It’s supposed to be its last issue but according to editor Paolo Lorenzana on Facebook, “just like an unapologetic barangay baklita turning a provincial road into a Victoria’s Secret catwalk, we’re gonna keep strutting hard and feeling the fantasy. And the fantasy has always been a freeing space—on print, online, through events, or otherwise—where gay Filipinos like myself feel safe, understood, and celebrated.” Do support them as the magazine is smart, sassy, and relevant.


It’s the last week before Christmas so clients are rushing different campaigns. I worked on stories for a fast food chain specializing in chicken, a telco brand, and a smartphone brand. I also wrote a review of the Metro Manila Film Festival entry Siargao, a beautifully-shot film I got to see before its premiere.


I discovered French electropop on Spotify’s radio feature and I can’t get enough of Yelle. I first listened to “Je veux te voir,” which pokes fun at a guy’s small penis. The song is part of the band’s debut album Pop Up, which also has “A cause des garçons.” The album I have on loop this week is Complètement fou, which has the song of the same name. Four years of French classes didn’t help and I have to translate the lyrics on Google.


This week I watched the MMFF entry Siargao. Without going into any details, it’s an unexpected love story starring Jericho Rosales, Erich Gonzales, and Jasmine Curtis-Smith. It’s a laid-back movie and I enjoyed watching it (review here). I also watched Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope after seeing Episode VIII: The Last Jedi last weekend. I watched The Last Jedi again on Friday with the family and it was more beautiful the second time around.

I’m also downloading seasons one to nine of Whose Line Is It Anyway?, the improv show hosted by Drew Carey. The download isn’t even finished yet but I watched the first 10 episodes of season one on Tuesday. I fell in love with improv when I watched SPIT earlier this year at the BGC Arts Center Festival and when I watched them this month at one of their regular Commune gigs. I love the show and I can’t wait to watch SPIT again next month.


Of what 2018 has in store for me.


That the last week of 2017 will be peaceful. I know I’ll be working for a bit but I want to have some quiet time, too.


That 2018 will be a lot better. I’m optimistic for next year and I promised myself it would be the year of doing and saying yes. I’m turning 29 in February so I want to make sure that I enter my thirties with a bang. I want to do more next year and finally get around to executing my goals. One of the most important ones is to enroll at a gym and work on my fitness.

I’m also relearning Japanese so I hope I get to pick it up again! I’m using a series of apps but I’m gravitating towards the interactive Memrise.


The holiday season. There’s really no need to be a grouch this Christmas. Or anytime for that matter.

I’m also loving the new spaces I discovered this week. The Washington Sycip Park and the Legazpi Active Park in Makati reopened, and I like the Toby’s Estate in Legazpi Village. It’s very quiet even on a weeknight. I thought it was half-empty because it was the middle of the afternoon and it was the Christmas season but Jen, one of the servers, said the coffee shop is usually relaxed.

I also love the tin of Badger’s Sleep Balm I bought for myself while shopping for gifts last night at Rustan’s. Fell asleep after a few minutes.


To really build my blog next year. I’ve been reactive towards my content here, only posting stories for the brands I work with. While I do work hard to angle my stories so it fits my personality and my readers, I want to post original content focusing on Filipino culture.


To stick to my goals for 2018.


Loved. I attended the Christmas party of my previous employer and it felt nice being welcomed by everyone. I left the company on a good note and I’m so happy that my friendship with my colleagues has lasted even if I left over a year ago. When I left, they gave me a journal filled with notes from my colleagues (even outside my department) saying how much they loved working with me. I remember crying the first time I read it.


Star Wars’ Vice-Admiral Holdo and Our Expectations for Female Military Power. An interesting article on my favorite character in The Last Jedi.

5 Things Not To Say To People Who Are Grieving At The Holidays. In case anyone needs it.

At Vice, Cutting-Edge Media and Allegations of Old-School Sexual Harassment. Journalism is next.


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