OPPEIN, Asia’s Largest Cabinetry Manufacturer, Opens its First Showroom in Manila!

I used to love playing The Sims. The game where you can play God and control every aspect of your characters’ lives took over my teenage life and I would spend summers doing nothing but play. But while I enjoyed controlling my Sims, my favorite part of the game was designing the homes.

My obsession with creating perfect homes extended into adulthood and I’ve become a fan of great architecture and interiors.

Manila is home to beautiful homes and boutiques, and it’s because of the access we have to talented and homegrown designers, as well as imports from the design capitals of the world. There’s now a new addition to the bunch as OPPEIN, Asia’s largest cabinetry manufacturer, opened its first Manila branch.

OPPEIN is a trusted cabinet manufacturer with over 1,800 kitchen, 1,200 wardrobe, and 550 bathroom cabinets exported to more than 120 countries. They also have wardrobe systems, bathroom fixtures, and home furnishings.

Their first Manila showroom is in Commercenter in Alabang, following other showrooms in Cebu and Davao. The brand is looking to expand to Bacolod next.

The Alabang showroom features elegant kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms, and walk-in closets done in tasteful styles and colors. My The Sims-loving mind analyzed everything and imagined how they would fit in the game. I even considered buying The Sims 4 after seeing their showroom!

Apart from their product line, homeowners can personalize their homes with OPPEIN’s customization feature. They can decide on everything from the materials to the color and layout to fit their space, needs, and budget.

With OPPEIN’s new showroom in Alabang (right near where I live!), customers can bring to life their dream home, whether it’s classic, modern, minimalist, or maximalist. As for me, I’ll stick to applying what I saw in their showroom in The Sims.


This story is in partnership with OPPEIN. For more information, visit their website or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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