Get the Star Wars Experience When You Ride with Grab!

I have very vague memories of Star Wars, but I do remember loving some of the movies and even carrying Darth Vader toys when I was a kid (I’ve always been a fan of villains). But now that more movies are coming out in the franchise, it makes me excited to watch the first two trilogies and get on the bandwagon.

The Last Jedi is coming up soon and to tide fans and would be fans like myself over, Grab has partnered with The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia to create a fun and immersive riding experience.

The fun begins when you are given the chance to reskin your app and have a TIE Silencer or an A-Wing pick you up (guess which one I chose). Then you can join weekly challenges to win exclusive Star Wars: The Last Jedi merchandise, tickets to a private movie screening, and the grand prize: an all-inclusive trip for two to Rancho Obi-Wan, the world’s largest privately-owned Star Wars museum in San Francisco, California!

The final battle will have participants joining an on-ground event filled with Star Wars-themed challenges. To qualify, make sure to use the promo code THELASTJEDI for all rides from November 27 to December 10. Five participants from each side with the highest number of rides will be invited to join the final showdown.

Maybe the best way to rekindle my love for Darth Vader is to go to Rancho Obi-Wan?


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