The Vivo V7+ is the Perfect Gift This Christmas!

Christmas is coming up and if you’re at a loss what to get your loved one, I have a recommendation: the Vivo V7+ is the perfect present for anyone, whether or not they’re into gadgets. The best part? The smartphone comes at an affordable price tag!

Here are just some reasons why the phone is the best gift you’ll find under the Christmas tree:

1. Take perfect shots with the 24 megapixel front-facing camera

Travelers and selfie addicts will love the Vivo V7+ because it’s known as a selfie-centric phone. The rear camera has 16 megapixels while the front camera has 24 megapixels. It’s perfect for selfies when you’re at the beach or a different city, or on days when you’re just feeling your best. Photos come clear, crisp, and natural-looking, even if they’re taken in the dark.

Video calls also come with a face beauty feature so you don’t have to worry about how you look. The Selfie Softlight gives soft and flattering illumination at night!

2. Watch movies and videos on the all-screen display

The Vivo V7+ has a 5.99” all-screen display and an 84.4% screen-to-body ratio, which makes it the perfect smartphone for binge-watching new movies and TV shows on Netflix. With the larger screen, you can see all the action and details up close! You can even maximize the screen by removing navigation buttons with the slide of a finger.

3. The leading-edge Face ID feature

I hate it when it takes forever to open my phone. In this age of instant everything, it’s important that your smartphone can keep up, especially when you see a fleeting picture-perfect moment. The Vivo V7+ “wakes up” in .01 second with the Face ID feature, which activates when you pick up the phone and raise it in portrait mode. It’s secure, too: there are 106 facial points to avoid recognizing someone else’s face.

4. Superb performance for gaming and daily use

I do so many things at the same time that I need my smartphone to multitask, too. The Vivo V7+ has a 4GB ROM allows users to run many apps without experiencing any lags. The Qualcomm Snapdragon Octacore processor is perfect for gamers as it provides a smooth and seamless experience. The Game Mode feature lets you play without receiving any notifications and peacefully play even while taking a call.

With all these features, the Vivo V7+ is the perfect gift for the traveler, the serial selfie taker, the gamer, and the career man/woman. I wouldn’t mind receiving one myself!


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