Here Are My 5 Fool-Proof First Date Tips

For some strange reason, friends always ask me for dating tips. I find it unusual that people would ask for my advice since I’ve been single for so long and I don’t talk about my dating life. But yes, I have gone on quite a few dates and a lot of them have been fun, so I’m going to share my fool-proof first date tips:

1. Do your research

Doing research means talking to your date beforehand and probing what he or she is interested in. Find out his or her hobbies, favorite cuisines, taste in movies, and other information that can help you plan the perfect date. If he likes cats, offer to go to a cat cafe. If she casually mentions that she’s a Marvel fan, take her to Thor: Ragnarok. This may be a controversial tip but I also advise you to go through their social media to check and surprise them on the date.

2. Plan something ahead

I hate those dates where you end up staring at each other wondering where to go or what to eat. We always leave the decision-making to other people so it’s a nice change to be with someone in charge. Knowing what you know about your date, tailor your time together to what he or she is interested in. The point of the date, after all, is to show the person you’re with a good time. Decide on what to watch and where to eat. You can also offer two options to everything. Ask your date: Japanese or Italian? Thor: Ragnarok or Seven Sundays?

3. Keep the conversation flowing 

First dates are always awkward so it’s best to come prepared. Since you’ve done your research, it’s easy to start a conversation (just don’t be too obvious that you stalked their Instagram days before – that’s creepy). A good conversationalist knows that everyone loves talking about themselves so show that you are interested in them. No one likes a person who drones on and on. Ask.

4. Have fresh breath

So you may be having the most awesome conversation but the one thing that can ruin witty banter is bad breath. Always have mints ready to pop in your mouth to keep the breath fresh. A good choice would be Wrigley’s Doublemint, which recently released two new variants: the Doublemint Chewy Mints and the Doublemint Slim Packs. The Chewy Mints come in Classic and Lemon flavors in a resealable pack, while the Slim Pack comes in a convenient package. There’s no excuse for bad breath, especially when you’re about to get your good night kiss!

5. No sex on the first date

This may be the hardest yet: no sex on the first date. If you give it up right away, what else is there to look forward to? A lot of people don’t date to get laid but I consider sex as a milestone. If you reach that level before the end of the night, what happens next? Keep the momentum going with a nice, firm handshake (between two men), a hug, or a chaste kiss on the cheek. Give that man something to work for!

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Remember, these are just tips so take everything with a grain of salt!

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