I Went Back in Time to See “Dinosaurs Around the World”!

When I watched Jurassic Park for the first time, I thought it would be cool to have a park where we can get up close and personal with dinosaurs. Of course, it’s not possible because we haven’t developed the technology to bring them back to life and it’s a bit dangerous. I somehow got to live my childhood dream because The Mind Museum has set up Dinosaurs Around the World, an impressive exhibition featuring life-sized animatronic dinos!

Dinosaurs Around the World is set in the prehistoric age in Pangea, the supercontinent from 270 million years ago. Here, dinosaurs roam free and guests can meet and interact with dinosaurs like the amargasaurus, triceratops, velociraptor, oviraptor, and the spinosaurus, known as the world’s largest carnivorous dinosaur.

The dinosaurs are spectacular and somewhat intimidating (especially when they move when you least expect it), but the best part about the exhibit is the educational aspect. Here, you can learn about their habitat, their diet, and the things that make them different from each other.

What are some of the things I learned while touring Pangea? I learned that all the seven continents were part of the giant landmass, where the dinosaurs used to roam. Even if they came from one giant continent, South America is considered as their birthplace. When Pangea started to separate due to continental drift, Africa developed some of the biggest dinos on Earth. And while they enjoy a scary reputation today, the roar that we associate with them is just Hollywood magic. Since dinosaurs are related to birds (studies have shown that chickens are their descendant), the sound they make is more likely a squawk. But we’ll never know.

And in case you were wondering if there were dinosaurs in the Philippines, the country is relatively young and chances are the land wasn’t even there when they roamed the Earth.

Apart from dinosaurs, the exhibit also has an extensive collection of fossils, authentic casts, and other activities that will bring out your inner paleontologist. There’s even a special itinerary you can complete to get the full experience!

Before coming to the Philippines, Dinosaurs Around the World traveled around the US in New York, Florida, and Ohio. It will be in Manila until March 2, 2018 at The Mind Museum.


This story is in partnership with The Mind Museum. Tickets are available at The Mind Museum ticket booth and on its website. Use your Mastercard until December 30, 2017 and get one free ticket when you buy three. The Mind Museum is at JY Campos Park, 3rd Avenue, BGC. For more information about the museum, visit its website and its FacebookTwitter, and Instagram pages.

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