Starbucks Card Celebrates 4th Anniversary with Bonus Stars and Free Drinks!

I love collecting Starbucks cards. I love its distinct designs, with themes reflecting the time it was released. I’m partial to the sleek and minimalist cards, but some of my favorites are the cards exclusive to Manila and the Philippines.

For its fourth anniversary, Starbucks released its 2017 Edition Pilipinas Starbucks Card, a striking design with elegant strokes of pink and yellow, representing the coffee aroma in the form of folk dances from Philippine culture.

The card is available for an initial consumable load of P300, but if you load the card with a minimum of P1,500 from July 28 to July 30, you’ll get a free Venti handcrafted beverage.

In the past, Starbucks released exclusive cards for the Philippines to mark its anniversary. For its first anniversary in 2014, Starbucks released a design of the Philippine eagle inspired by the colors of the national flag. The following year was inspired by the colors and elements of fiestas, while 2016 saw two cards featuring Manila and Cebu.

Cardholders collect a Beverage Star for every purchase of a drink, and they can claim a complimentary Grande handcrafted beverage with up to two add-ons for every 12 stars. They can also earn stars with every purchase of a bag of whole bean coffee, a pack of Starbucks VIA, and Starbucks Teavana packaged teas. Ten Whole Bean and Tea Stars get a bag of whole bean coffee or Starbucks Teavana packaged tea, while 10 Starbucks VIA Stars get a pack of VIA Ready Brew, VIA Iced Coffee, or VIA Latte.

Apart from Beverage Stars, customers get a complimentary Grande beverage upon registration, and they get a slice of cake every year for their birthday.

For Starbucks’s fourth anniversary, cardholders can earn double stars with every purchase of any featured beverage when they pay in full using their Starbucks card from July 25 to July 27. Those who top up P1,500 through the website from July 28 to 30 will get three bonus Beverage Stars!

And come on, the anniversary card this year is so beautiful it’s like a work of art!


This post was made in partnership with Starbucks Philippines. For more information on the 2017 Edition Pilipinas Starbucks Card and My Starbucks Rewards, visit the website. For more information on Starbucks, visit the website and follow its Facebook and Instagram pages.

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