Penshoppe Launches its Own Mobile App

I love how everything has become easier because of technology. You can book flights and hotels online. You can book a ride on Grab at the push of a button and not have to worry about parking. You can also pay bills using an app. Penshoppe, one of my favorite fashion brands, is going to make shopping easier with the new Penshoppe app!

The Penshoppe app lets you browse the Catalogue, which has the latest collections as soon as they come out. There’s also a Store Locator so you can find the nearest branch and a Wish List for when you want to save it for a future date. You can even share it on Facebook or Google!

The app is easy to use. The catalogue is divided into Men and Ladies. The Men’s section is further divided into categories, like Polos, Shirts, Jeans, and Footwear. When you see an item you like, you can click it to see the price, and its available colors and sizes. From there, you can see which branches have that item.

The Penshoppe app doesn’t deliver items, but I am perfectly fine with that. I don’t buy clothes online because I want to see the item before I buy it. For me, sizes are just a suggestion and I want to see the color and fabric, and how it fits me.

Apart from browsing the app for your next OOTD, you can also enjoy perks as every P10 spent earns one point, which can be used to redeem P100 e-vouchers for your next visit.

Penshoppe is already working on more features like online promos, dibs on launches, and entry to exclusive events.

It looks like I know where I’ll be buying my next batch of clothes!

The Penshoppe app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play. For news and updates on the brand, visit Penshoppe’s website and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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