You Can Now Create Your Own Home Gym!

I enrolled in a few gyms a couple of times, but none of them lasted long enough for me to see results. I always had something to complain about: it’s too far, I don’t have the time, and I’m too tired. Fast forward to me packing on the pounds, wondering how I can lose them. I have plans of enrolling in Anytime Fitness soon, but I first want to change my morning routine so I can go to the gym in the morning before work.

Apart from working out, I’m going to do a complete diet overhaul and frequent yoga sessions at home. I bought a yoga mat a couple of weeks ago and I want to use it more often. I’m also thinking of creating a home gym for days when there’s just too many things to do (or when I’m feeling especially lazy).

Just when I was considering creating a home gym, Johnson Health Tech announced its line of Matrix cardio fitness equipment for home use. I’m a big believer in fate, so I’m going to take this as a sign to get on the treadmill fast.

Johnson’s Health Tech is the world’s fastest-growing commercial fitness brand. Their equipment was previously only available in gym and club settings only, but their new fitness line will be designed for the home. They are more compact (treadmills can be folded to save space) and have a sleek design so it won’t look clunky or out of place in a stylish abode. My favorite part is that the screen has access to social media apps and even Netflix.

To date, there are three types of Matrix cardio equipment:


Johnson Health Tech’s Matrix treadmills are designed with a welded steel frame for stability, and an extra-thick deck and industrial-grade cushion for comfort during high-octane runs. Treadmills are notorious for taking up a lot of space, but the brand’s offerings has front wheels for easy transport and a folding design to lift to near-90 degree angle for easy storage.


I don’t like ellipticals because they make so much noise, but Matrix’s ellipticals has the Suspension Elliptical Technology, which reduces noise and friction. It also makes routines more smooth and consistent.

Ascent Trainers

The Matrix ascent trainers look like big contraptions, but they do so much. Extensive research and development created a smooth and comfortable experience, the ideal stride motion, correct foot positioning, correct posture and a variable stride length that adjusts for a more natural-feeling workout.


I tried one of the Matrix bikes and found it to be my favorite. There are upright and recumbent designs, which has the Dual Form Frame to provide stability and easy access, the Comfort Arc Seat to maximize support, and the Exact Force Induction Brake to smoothly change resistance. The model I tried had the screen where you can watch Netflix shows or plug in a flash drive to watch your saved movies. Lose weight and catch up on my movie list? Yes, please!

Johnson Health Teach is also promoting Sprint8, a 20-minute routine done three days a week for eight weeks. It’s a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) that says you can have a 27% reduction in body fat. According to the program, warm up for three minutes at a moderate rate, then do a 30-second sprint performed with all-out intensity. Follow this up with 90 seconds of active recovery intervals, which means lowering your pace to let your heart rate down. Do eight sprints. If you can go longer than 30 seconds per sprint, you’re not working hard enough. Cool down for the last 2.5 seconds by moving at a slow pace.

According to research, Sprint8 sparks growth hormone activity to burn fat and build lean muscle faster than traditional exercise. Of course, the Matrix line equipment are preprogrammed to have this feature.

Now that I’m in terrible shape, I think it’s time for me to wake up and finally take action. I’m tired of complaining about my weight gain and not doing anything about it. I keep making excuses but I think it’s time for me to find solutions instead. A home gym might help.

Johnson Health Tech’s Matrix line will be available at the Johnson Fitness an Wellness Store in Commercenter (Alabang), Pioneer Center (Kapitolyo), and SM City Clark (Pampanga). For more information about Matrix products, visit

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