FOX Launches FOX+, A Streaming Service For the Latest in Entertainment

When I started working in digital, I thought I would have more free time because I work largely from home. That doesn’t seem to be the case, as I found myself working longer hours, especially during the weekend. Somewhere along the way, I had an epiphany and told myself that I shouldn’t work this way. Working like a madman, from the moment I wake up to the second I have to sleep, made me less passionate and less interested in my work.

I recently started this movement called Take Back the Weekend, where I allowed myself time to free myself from deadlines and writing. My ideal activity? Either reading a book or a magazine, listening to a podcast, or watching a movie or a TV show. For the last one, I have many sources of entertainment, but I welcomed a new addition to my streaming family: FOX+.

FOX+ is the streaming service of FOX Networks Group Asia, and is home to 11,000 hours of Hollywood blockbusters, TV series, Chinese movies and shows, live sports, and compelling documentaries. What makes this app special is that it shows episodes of my favorite TV series the same day as the US, and movies shortly after their theatrical release, sometimes one full year before other subscription services.

FOX wasn’t exaggerating when they said 11,000 hours of content. The app is filled with great movies such as Deadpool, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, The Jungle Book, and The Revenant. For TV, they have The Walking Dead, Archer, The Young Pope, and 24 Legacy. Apart from the latest episodes, you can also catch up on earlier ones.

FOX+ also has a great lineup of documentaries from National Geographic, and I can’t wait to binge-watch on Mars, Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couric, and Killing Reagan. Not a big sports guy, but I can see how fans will love the extensive coverage of basketball, football, and baseball.

The app is available on your smartphone, your tablet, or your laptop, but you can also cast it to your TV using the Google Chromecast. This is perfect for action-packed movies like The Revenant, where you can appreciate director Alejandro G. Iñárritu’s decision to only use natural light throughout the film.

The best part? You can download content and watch it offline while commuting, waiting for your doctor’s appointment, or when you’re bored in a mall!

I’m already two weeks in my Take Back the Weekend project, and I can already feel its positive effects. I feel happier, more energized, and more excited to go back to work when Monday comes. I have been unusually productive today, and it’s because I had a restful Sunday watching Archer.

Fox+ is available on the Apple Play Store and the Google Play Store with a free 30-day trial. After that, you can sign in using Cignal, PLDT, and Smart.

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