See New York in Slow Motion with “Street” at the Ayala Triangle

One of my hobbies is people-watching. I like observing them and building stories in my head. That woman is a nurse on her way to her 12 hour shift. That man is going to the hardware store to buy materials for a murder. The thoughts that run in my mind about the people around me are very random and make little sense. But it’s a fun activity I do almost every day.

This must be what goes through the mind of James Nares, a British-born and New York-based artist who created Street, a 61-minute slow motion capture of New York City, with music accompanied by Sonic Youth co-founder Thurston Moore. The Ayala Triangle is lucky because it will host the video installation’s Asian premiere, as part of Art Fair Philippines 2017.

From February 16 to 19, art-lovers and passersby will be treated to a dream-like sequence of life in New York. Of course, New York is nothing like what Nares created: it is known as the city that never sleeps, and is so fast-paced that a phrase has been invented to describe its nimble proceedings: New York minute (meaning an instant).

Street has been exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Wadsworth Museum of Art in Connecticut, and Saint Louis Art Museum in Missouri, and was featured in the New York Times and the New Yorker. Now, it will be screened at a specially-installed screen at the fountains at the Ayala Triangle.

Seeing a lightning-fast city at a slow pace can be quite unsettling, but it allows you to observe the beauty around it. The same goes everywhere else. We’re all moving in our own version of the New York minute that we fail to see what’s happening around us. The nurse on her way to her 12 hour shift. The man plotting a murder. Of course, these are exaggerations, but the beauty of life is in the small details: the way the sun hits the grass during sunrise, the hubbub of conversation at crowded corners, and the knowledge that there is always something interesting happening. All we need to do is look.

Watch the trailer of Street below:

James Nares’ Street is one of the special projects for Art Fair Philippines 2017. It will be screened from February 14 to 19 at 12-2PM and 5-9PM. Click here for Your Complete Guide to Enjoying Art Fair Philippines’ 10 Days of Art. Click here for My Top Picks at Art Fair Philippines 2017.

Art Fair Philippines runs from February 16 to 19 at the Link Carpark, Ayala Center, Makati City.

For more information about Art Fair Philippines, visit, or visit its Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. For more about the city that makes it happen, visit and follow its social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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