Do Your Christmas Shopping with Digimall, the Biggest Online Bazaar!


Christmas in the Philippines is the most exciting and stressful time of the year. People crowd in malls and bazaars to find gifts, and because of this, I usually do my shopping months ahead. I kept putting it off this year, until I realized we’re less than a month away from Christmas. It looks like I have to join the holiday madness.

That may not be the case because I found my savior: the Digimall Online Bazaar. It’s a partnership between Globe MyBusiness and Shopify, an e-commerce platform that supports small and medium enterprises (SMEs). This is perfect for me as I love supporting local brands.





To date, there are over 100 Filipino merchants selling unique and craft items. I browsed through the website and found these interesting stuff: leather products from Huevo, organic body wash and lotion from Cocoline Naturals, leather sandals from ITAG.Manila, and funny pouches and bags from The Hobbyist.

Of course, there are more brands to shop from, and Digimall is divided into the following categories: fashion and beauty, houseware and crafts, and gadgets and toys.

I’ll be hitting two birds with one stone by shopping at Digimall: I get to support local products, and I can shop for gifts without having to leave the house. And since I’m a Globe subscriber, I get to have rebates on Globe Rewards.

This is also perfect for SMEs as they can maximize their reach. Through the partnership with Globe MyBusiness, merchants can have access to Globe’s 40 million subscribers without having to set up a physical store.

Business owners can build their online store for P599 a month and manage their back-end processes like tracking orders and customer data, managing inventory, monitoring sales, and viewing analytics.

Merchants can also control the look and feel of their website, and choose from 100 professional store templates that they can also customize.

It looks like I won’t be joining the holiday madness this year!

Digimall will operate starting today until December, but those who would like to extend will still have their online store at Shopify. To shop or to apply as a merchant, visit

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