The Starbucks 2017 Planner is Here + Planner Giveaway


I’ve been using planners since 2005. I am incredibly forgetful so I need a notebook to list down everything I do. I can’t survive without it because it’s like a personal assistant, reminding me what I need to do for the month, the week, and the day. That’s how structured my days are: everything is planned. The tradition lives on even if technology has encroached on my life, and I’m excited for next year because I’ll be able to use the Starbucks 2017 planner!

I loved last year’s partnership with Moleskine, so I’ve been wondering the past few weeks how the coffee brand will top that one. I lovingly used my green weekly planner, filling it up with my deadlines, dates, and appointments. This year, they went a more colorful route by presenting two designs: the blue siren, a decadent design featuring the colors of the ocean and geometric Starbucks gold stars; and the coffee stain, which has a subtler design highlighting the beautiful constellations coffee mugs make when it hits the table.

It also comes in two sizes: regular and mini, and come in weekly formats. This is perfect for me as I need the daily planner (left side) and the weekly planner (right side). The designs were made by the creative theme “crafted by heart and hand.”


Both Starbucks 2017 planners include a pouch, a Macchiato magnetic bookmark, an erasable pen, coffee stickers, and discount coupons. Get the latest coupon codes for a Starbucks coffee!

Inside, the planners have watercolor designs with monthly themes. It’s more colorful than last year’s minimalist collection, and I love it despite my spartan heart.





My birthday month falls on Valentine’s, so it features pink watercolor stains. It’s charming, but my personal favorite is May, which features the iconic Starbucks twin-tailed siren. The notes section is designed with coffee cups, waves, and shells. Gorgeous!


Another new feature for the Starbucks 2017 planner is that it’s more interactive. Each month, there are activities you can do involving Starbucks products, which you can upload online using the hashtags #StarbucksPlanner and #StarbucksPlannerPH.

Now, you might be wondering why I still keep written planners when everything is digital. Phones, tablets, and laptops come with calendars, and can be synced across devices. Many people find it cumbersome to carry a separate notebook for plans when they can use the one included in their favorite device.

First of all, I’m old-fashioned. I like the smell of old books. I like writing things down. I distrust technology. I am slowly adjusting with my smartphone, my iPad, and my Macbook, but in the not so distant past, I didn’t know how to operate Apple products. I once spent 10 minutes in the Philippine Star office staring at an iMac because I didn’t know how to switch it on. An editor saw me and booted it for me. Another time, a friend asked me to store my number on her iPhone and I stared at it not knowing how to save it. And there was the time I walked in a shop and asked if the latest iPad had the satellite eye feature (retina display). Gadgets die when it doesn’t have battery, but print will live forever.


I am also nostalgic. I still have my planners from 2007 and it’s fun to occasionally leaf through the pages and reminisce my past lives. I also keep journals, so I can tell you exactly what I did and felt on October 13, 2008. It also helps if you’ve been accused of a crime and detectives ask you where you were or what you were doing one night ten months ago.

Writing things down means you also won’t forget it. Studies have suggested that we tend to remember things when it’s printed, rather than typed. This last part is an important reason why I still keep printed planners, so that I can remember things, not just on the day, but in the years to come.

You can avail of the Starbucks 2017 planner by collecting stickers starting November 2, 2016. Collect 18 stickers to avail of the planner. One drink equates to one sticker, and you have to buy a combination of the holiday and regular beverages.



Because it’s the Christmas season, I will be raffling off one copy of the Starbucks 2017 planner in coffee stain! Simply click this link, follow my Instagram account, comment why you should win, and tag someone who should join, too. Not to worry, I will also pick winners for this sparkly tumbler and this adorable tote bag featuring the new Starbucks animals: the penguin, the polar bear, and the fox. I will announce the winners on November 3 on this post, and I will also contact you via Instagram.

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