The Sunday Currently: Volume 2

Smaller and Smaller Circles


F.H. Batacan’s Smaller and Smaller Circles, which is turning out to be an excellent book. My PR manager accidentally spoiled it for me, and she’s denying she did. I’m not angry, though. I’m still curious about how it all plays out in the end. In a way, it’s working to my advantage because I’m picking up on important clues as I read. I am also obsessed with the title! I don’t know the meaning yet, but I like the idea of Fathers Gus and Jerome running around in smaller and smaller circles. Also, is it just me or is something happening between the two of them?

I haven’t started on my July-August issue of Monocle, but I started reading the June issue of Rogue. Pia Wurtzbach is on the cover of the Media Issue, and I’m looking forward to checking out the inside look at some of Manila’s major media networks. I’m mostly interested in the interior design.

My Russian friend Alex also sent me a manuscript he wrote that he asked me to look into, and I should get started on that, too.


My daily articles on I saw Ma’ Rosa last night and I’m thinking of writing how the film plays an important role in our current addiction with drug addicts. People seem to think that drugs are the number one issue in the country, but I feel like it’s a byproduct of an even deeper problem, which is the lack of access to education. I will flesh it out in the next few days.


The song that’s currently stuck in my head is Lea Salonga and Michael Ball’s rendition of Les Miserables‘ “A Little Fall of Rain” at the 10th anniversary concert. Les Miserables is my favorite musical (I saw it twice when it ran here) and its lyrics are incredibly good. I recommend you listen to “I Dreamed a Dream,” “On My Own,” and “One Day More.” Click the links for my favorite versions!

There’s also the Korean version of “One Day More,” which is just as good. The song is my favorite in the musical. I wept when I saw the cast perform it live.

Ma Rosa


Last night I watched Ma’ Rosa (2016) with my friend Ang. We were supposed to catch a movie for Eiga Sai in Shangri-La Plaza, but he ran late so he treated me to Ma’ Rosa. I also promised Maria Isabel Lopez, who is my godmother, that I would see it. I like how it paints a tender picture of drug peddling. What many people seem to forget is that people don’t sell drugs because they want to wreak havoc. They do it as a means of survival. Eradicating drug addicts will just create new ones.

Earlier this week, I watched Todd Haynes’ Poison (1991), a series of stories about a young boy who kills his father and runs away, a scientist who accidentally ingests extracted sexual desire and becomes a leper, and a prisoner who falls in love with his co-inmate. I didn’t like it all.

I’m halfway through the first season of Hey Arnold! and I miss my childhood!



About things in store for me. I just got off the phone with my super good friend Nikko, who is now based in Los Angeles. Like old times, he helped me sort out my life choices, and I have a clearer path ahead of me. All I need to do is write the pros and cons list, which I’ve put off for a week!


The promise of rain. It’s so cleansing.


That I would succeed in whatever path I choose.


That I would choose a path soon.



That I’m already losing weight through MySlim. I started on Tuesday and I can already feel some of my clothes getting looser. MySlim has yerba mate (a type of plant drunk as a tea in South America), Carnipure, and Palatinose, which “increases fat burning, appetite suppression, reduced fat absorption, and has a high thermogenic effect, helping you burn more calories even while you’re sitting.” I’m trying it out after a co-editor at sent it to me.



To start working on the presentation Nikko guided me through while on our call.

I was looking through Sasha Martinez’s Instagram and I was so inspired with how she creates beautiful collages in her notebooks. I’m thinking of doing the same with my Midori Traveler’s Notebook, a Japanese notebook with a luxurious leather cover. I have the passport size, which is too small to put cutouts, and I want to get the regular size, which is sold out at the website I got my passport from. I’m thinking of either going all the way to Scribe Writing Essentials in SM Aura or making the most out of my passport. It’s quite pricey so I might just stick to what I have and choose smaller cutouts.


To get my life together. My first step: go to the grocery. Which I didn’t do…


Disappointed. Earlier this week, I wrote about a sign that someone put up in Pasig, which said, “What Manny Pacquiao said about gay people was hurtful and really amazingly dumb. Think before you speak. The jackalope loves you unconditionally.” As someone who feels that everyone should get equal rights, regardless of sexual orientation or identity, I started questioning some of the comments on our Facebook page. I stopped replying when someone said that the whole thing is simple logic: the Bible said homosexuality is a sin. The mysterious Jackalope sent me a message on Facebook saying that he defended me, but deleted his comments.

I am disappointed that we live in a country where people believe that you will burn in hell for being gay. I remember a time when a religious friend told me the same thing. I asked him, “Will God really prefer a heterosexual murderer over a homosexual person who has done nothing wrong?” He replied, “Basta.” This is why I have trust issues with religious people.

But I’m happy because I just enrolled for a free photography course on Shaw Academy. I bought a mirrorless camera last February and I want to maximize it. Shaw Academy’s courses are usually $300-400, but they have a promo that will expire today. Make sure to sign up now!


This article about a man who has been in a 20 year relationship with his sister. They even have a daughter together! The article also mentions a study that says “most related couples have healthy children.”

This article about the “pearl,” a small ball placed under the skin of the penis. It’s the Cuban version of our bolitas.

This excellent essay that says, “When you’re accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression.” So apt for the time.

The Sunday Currently was originally created by SiddaThornton. Carina Santos inspired me to do it.

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