Meeting my man’s friends at Crisp and Niner Ichi Nana + Why

For my man’s annual Christmas get-together with his college friends, he thought it was a good idea to introduce me to the group.

This year’s get-together was at Crisp, an all-day breakfast restaurant in Bonifacio Global City. I initially thought it was an Asian fusion joint because of the flavors, which were somewhat similar to Pink Panda in Makati. Incidentally, both Crisp and Pink Panda are owned by blogger and restaurateur Erwan Heussaff. Great interiors—unfinished walls paired with bright yellow lamps and patterned tiles.

It turned out to be a surprise for some to meet me, because they thought my man was still single, and because I’m his first everything: date, kiss, lay, boyfriend. So of course, a part of the night was spent grilling (and teasing) us on how we met, what we usually do on dates, and who said “I love you” first.

They played an entertaining round of exchange gift, but theirs was called White Elephant. Basically, you put all gifts in a pile, and you take turns taking one. You can either take a gift from the pile or “steal” what was already taken. There was a really nice Muji pillow (it’s incredibly soft), but my man got traveling bags. His gift was a set of Human Nature products.


A bacon-flecked something in Niner Ichi Nana
A bacon-flecked something in Niner Ichi Nana


After dinner, we moved to Niner Icher Nana (also co-owned by Heussaff) for drinks, where I had something with bacon flecks staining the glass. I forgot what it’s called or what the liquor was, but it was an okay drink. I think it was whiskey.


Niner Ichi Nana's enormous chandeliers
Niner Ichi Nana’s enormous chandeliers


Niner was full, so we were seated at Hungry Hound, the partner restaurant. They had these enormous ring chandeliers that dominated the room. It has a little medieval feel to it, but its size makes a very strong statement, and detaches itself from other restaurants that also use wood interiors.


The "Why" graffiti in BGC
The “Why” graffiti in BGC


On the way home, we passed by this intersection near Forum in 7th Avenue. On one of the signs there, the word “Why” was stenciled at the back. A similar sign exists in Pasig and Makati (I saw one along Dela Rosa while walking to Mom & Tina’s) and it’s a sort of urban mystery, like Banksy. Coconuts Manila was able to interview the guy behind it, but he refused to share his name, what he does, and why he does it.

According to the interview, it’s supposed to be a rhetorical question. Why? Well, why not?

P.S. I need to take more photos to accompany my posts.

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