The Philippine Star Christmas Party 2014 at Sofitel Manila

I’ve been writing for The Philippine Star for over three years but I haven’t attended a single Christmas party. For some reason, things always seem to come up. This year, nothing was scheduled on the morning of the party, so I was able to make it! This year’s get-together was held at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila (my favorite hotel), and includes the entire Philstar family, from the newspaper itself to Pilipino Star Ngayon and printing.

This year’s theme was Heroes vs. Villains, and I was surprised at how a lot of people went all out in their costumes. According to Kathy, one of the lifestyle section’s sub-editors, there is a large monetary prize for the best costume.


Philstar Christmas Party (1)
This guy came in an elaborate Doctor Octopus costume, complete with stuffed Spidey


They were having games when I arrived, and there was a great parade of costumes. The Philippine Star had superheroes, Pilipino Star Ngayon had Disney, while printing had Filipino heroes. Of course, the costumes were what you’d expect: Iron Man, Superman, Elsa from Frozen, and a few favorites. There were a few Maleficents in the crowd. The person who stole the show was Doctor Octopus from Spiderman. The guy had those really large tentacles, one of which held a stuffed Spidey. People started taking their photos with him as soon as he came in, and even after I told the winding story of how Voyeur (my attempt at a culture website) rose and fell to Pepe Diokno, our editor-at-large, people were still having their photos taken with him. According to Kathy, he tops himself every year.


Ystyle's Reggie Belmonte and Supreme's Tim Yap hosting the Philstar Christmas party
Ystyle‘s Reggie Belmonte and Supreme‘s Tim Yap hosting the Philstar Christmas party


The official program was hosted by Supreme and YStyle‘s editors-in-chief Tim Yap and Regina Belmonte. Tim came in a great Iron Man costume while Reggie came as Harley Quinn.

I was seated with the rest of the lifestyle team, many of whom I haven’t met. I was with Supreme (Pepe, assistant editor David Milan, and contributing editor Cate de Leon), plus the folks from YStyle and Young Star. I was seated next to Young Star‘s Marga Buenaventura, who had on these amazing nails featuring art from Warhol, Lichtenstein, Koons, and Mondrian.

Sadly, lunch was served late and I had to go back to Rogue for work. It’s a good thing I had an extra box of puto flan, my gift to my editors, which I ate on my way. It would have been more fun if I ate this in costume, yes?

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