Rogue Christmas Party 2014 at Pablo’s

Rogue Christmas Party 2014 (3)


For Rogue‘s Christmas party (which was held on the same day of the Philstar Christmas party), we all gathered at Pablo’s Pub and Restaurant in Bonifacio Global City. It’s a Filipino restaurant (I think) with interiors that lie in stark contrast to the unassuming building it’s in. The pub has sexy dark wood interiors and dim lighting. Pablo’s is named after Pablo Escobar, the notorious Colombian drug lord., and the owners reimagined where the drug lord would meet his associates for drinks. And it translated well—spend an evening here and it gives off an illicit but delicious vibe.


The Rogue team at the bar
The Rogue team at the bar


The dark wood and soft lights are a sophisticated touch, highlighted by the well-lit bar and the bookcases stuffed with tomes. A bookshelf slides to reveal a secret room you can reserve. Sadly, I wasn’t able to take much pictures because we were all bustling around.


Beautiful ceiling panels
Beautiful ceiling panels


We had a short program introducing the new people, and had a few rounds of charades. We were all divided into three groups and we had to guess the covergirl, which one of our teammates had to act out. I correctly guessed Xandra Rocha (April 2014) and Celine Lopez (July 2013), but we didn’t get the points because I answered Xandra late and Miguel Mari, our creative director who acted out Celine, gave out a clue. But I feel I would still have guessed it without it. That’s how big of a fan I am of the magazine. I acted out Valerie Weigmann (June 2014), which my teammates quickly guessed.

There was also a round of charades for other categories, and it was divinely fun.

After the games, we had an pre-exchange gift gamewhere you have to guess who picked you. If you get it wrong, you have to take a shot of Jack Daniel’s. Naturally, no one guessed it right and everyone got a shot.




During the raffle, I won a bottle of Jack Daniel’s, which I plan to experiment with. Winning a bottle of liquor is probably the most illicit thing I did at Pablo’s. It’s not even bootleg. Escobar would have been disappointed.

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