From Guam, with love

Guam postcards (2)


Some collect shoes, some collect comics, others collect boyfriends, I collect postcards. I always make it a point to buy a card or two (sometimes even a set, like what I did in Singapore and the BenCab Museum in Baguio) whenever I travel. I’ve amassed a sizable amount, which I look through when I want to reminisce about my trips.

Whenever my friends or relatives travel, I always ask for postcards. I know how hard it is to get pasalubongs¬†for friends, family, neighbors, and your kindergarten classmate you haven’t seen in 10 years, so I just ask for a simple postcard, which you can buy in any tourist shop. They’re ubiquitous, cheap, and easy to carry home. Plus, it adds to my collection.


Guam postcards (3)


Guam postcards (1)


My friend Nikko Panti from went to Guam for this year’s Shop Guam Festival, and he got me three postcards. Two of them are risque, and are actually pretty funny (I laughed out loud when I first saw it). What’s funnier is that the whole house saw it before I did. It’s a great addition to my other postcards, and puts my collection¬†to shame for its conservative designs.

I suddenly remember owing a postcard to my friend Erin Emocling, who started a postcard exchange project when she was in Japan. She sent me one, but because I was busy at the time, I forgot to send her mine. My publicist friend recently gave me a beautiful pack of printed notecards and envelopes. I plan to send them out to volunteers, with little notes inside. Of course, Erin will be the first to receive one.

I’ll write about it soon.

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