Bonifacio High Street Central Revolutionizes Cinema with 4D cinema


I was part of Philippine cinematic history as I was one of the first to experience the country’s first 4D cinema at the Bonifacio High Street Cinema. I got watch The Amazing Spiderman 2, and it was a mindblowing experience that sets a new standard in movie viewing.

Bonifacio High Street Central’s 4DX cinema is provided by South Korea’s CJ 4DPlex, which regularly works with Hollywood studios. The result is an intense experience where you get to physically participate in the action on-screen. And if you’re watching an action-packed movie like Spiderman, you actually feel like you are part of the movie.



The 4D cinema is a massive step for Philippine theater. Watching 3D in Ayala Malls is not exactly fun, especially in Alabang Town Center, where the screens are too small to fully enjoy the experience. The IMAX theaters in SM Malls are good, but it pales in comparison when you watch 4D. Apart from seeing the action in three dimensions, you can feel the mist, rain, smoke, fog, wind, and lightning. And you can even smell certain scents!

I know Bonifacio High Street Central’s 4D cinema was good because I enjoyed watching Spiderman. I don’t like superhero movies that much (I fell asleep during Captain America, but it was because the recliners at the Century City Mall cinemas were so comfortable), but I was completely focused on Spiderman. Well, you don’t really have a choice, when your seat is heaving up and down, rolling side to side, and pitching forward and backward. There’s nothing else to do but pay attention and literally immerse yourself in the rollercoaster experience.

All of a sudden, all the emotions the movie evoked seemed heightened. I was literally screaming during the movie. And during a key scene near the end, I cried. If you imagined your childhood trips to Enchanted Kingdom’s Rialto, this is a two-hour version of that.


Apart from the 4D experience, the Bonifacio High Street Central cinemas also feature two theaters with Dolby Atmos technology. Its surround sound capabilities are augmented with front- and ceiling-mounted speakers to literally envelop you with the movie’s sounds. And the motorized leather recliners are sure to be comfortable.


The Bonifacio High Street Central cinemas is part of the Ayala Malls Cinemas group, which means that you can book your thrilling 4D experience through Sure Seats and MPass, the cinemas’ reloadable prepaid movie card. You can pay for your movie online and go straight to the theater, or use it as a debit card for over the counter transactions.

If you plan on watching The Amazing Spiderman 2, I seriously advise you to watch in 4D. This is where I plan to watch action-packed films from now on. After you watch it in 4D, there’s no turning back. And with 4D tickets going for P450 a pop, it’s one hell of a bargain.

*Photos courtesy of Visions & Expressions. Thank you to Laura Recto!

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