Saturday Future Market @ Escolta

Yesterday, I was in Escolta for the monthly Saturday Future Market @ Escolta. It’s 98B COLLABoratory’s monthly initiative to bring back the glory days of Escolta’s heritage and invite independent sellers to sell their wares. In short, it’s a hipster market for books, records, prints, art, zines, trinkets, and all the things you don’t normally find in regular bazaars.

It’s funny how I’ve written about Saturday Future Market @ Escolta countless times in my column for The Philippine Star but I’ve never gone to one. Sometimes I have plans on the days they hold it, sometimes I feel lazy because it’s too far.

I finally decided to go because my friend Tyang has a booth with her team, the Cavity Collective. We agreed for me to be her publicist and I went to support her work. Tyang and I have known each other since college.

Now, she makes commissioned Tyanganized portraits for Garovs Garovillo and Ryan Vergara of Everywhere We Shoot, Nemo Aguila, and Dex Fernandez, all respected artists in the street art and pop art scenes. I have two of Tyang’s paintings she made in college. I wonder how much they are worth now.

Since I was already at the Saturday Future Market, I decided to explore the other booths. It was definitely a treasure trove. There were Filipino-themed prints from Polarities, ads from the 60’s and 70’s from the UVLA Store, aerial photos from Gerome Soriano, and paper vinyl wallets from Vachuca Libre.

There were a lot more booths that I wasn’t able to visit, but I hope to catch them next month. Yes, I’ll be going again. I’ll be back for this cute tote bag with the words “Atom Araullo Pregnancy Club” printed on it.

Below are the things that I managed to buy on my many rounds at the Saturday Future Market @ Escolta:

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Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, Chuck Palahniuk’s Pygmy, Miguel Syjuco’s Ilustrado, and Anthony Burgess’s A Clockwork Orange from Surprises Out of Boxes. It’s a wonderfully-curated home-based bookshop in Sucat

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Three unfinished postcards from Pompyang‘s Kolabora Obra. You buy them unfinished and finish them yourself, or ask your recipient to.  Very charming

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Gorgeous postcards by Ella Lama. She also has cute handbound notebooks I’m planning to get next time

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The maiden issue of my friend Bon’s Yuckzine. He was very helpful when I myself had dreams of publishing a zine. It’s currently in a state of limbo, but Yuckzine is brilliant!

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A Tyanganized portrait of me! Tyang offered personalized Tyanganize portraits at the Saturday Future Market.  She also does wood-cut portraits in 12×12 and 20×20 sizes.You can tell this one’s me by the eyebrows

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A Tyangazined version of The Simpsons’ Bart Simpson. It looks small in the photo but it’s actually 10 inches. I love it because it goes well with my room’s wall color and adds quirk

Overall, I loved the Saturday Future Market @ Escolta experience. However, it was hot. Incredibly hot. When I first came in to look around, I was drenched in sweat by the time I reached the back of the venue. I had to step out several times to cool down. But the effort to look around is worth it because there are tons of things to be found.

The Saturday Future Market @ Escolta is organized every month by 98B COLLABoratory at the First United Building at…. you guessed it, Escolta.

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