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A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to have been invited to interview Gabriel Macht. He was in the Philippines for two days to help launch Globe’s Project Wonderful, the telecom’s nation-building initiative to help rebuild sustainable livelihood programs for typhoon Haiyan-affected families and communities. Macht personally flew to Ormoc, Leyte to help build sari-sari stores for communities to get back on their feet.

Gabriel Macht is the star of the popular series Suits. It’s about Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) who accidentally applies at a prestigious New York law firm to be an associate for Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht), the city’s best closer. The thing is, Ross is not a Harvard graduate – a firm requirement – or a graduate at all. However, Ross has an eidetic memory and is knowledgeable about law, so he is hired.


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The day after his relief efforts, he met a few members of the press for interviews. I was granted a solo 10-minute interview! I haven’t seen Suits yet, but I have seen him in a small role in Sex and the City (he played Barkley, the modelizer, on the second episode of the series), which aired in 1998.

Let me just say, Macht is as handsome as he is on TV and pictures. Charming, too. I’ve seen enough clips of Suits to know that he is the complete opposite of Harvey Specter. While Harvey is cutthroat and businesslike, the real-life Gabriel Macht is laidback and down-to-earth. We mostly talked about his stint at Suits. what to expect in the coming episodes and season, and a little bit about his personal life.

Strangely, people were more interested in finding out how he smelled rather than how the interview went. I didn’t notice the way he smelled. What I did notice was his piercing gaze and his firm handshake that gripped my tiny, nervous hand. He was chatty during the interview, and friendly. He mentioned his family several times.

Below is the transcript of the interview, taken from The Philippine Star official website.

SUPREME: What made you decide to go to the Philippines to be part of Project Wonderful?

GABRIEL MACHT: I was humbled by the fact that Globe asked me to join forces with them. Hopefully, I can bring some awareness to their vision, which is nation-building, culture-building, and brand-building in terms of getting small businesses up and running, and allowing them to get their own entrepreneurial spirit. I think it’s an inspiring cause and I’m happy to be here.

What makes the Philippines a good place to visit?

For one thing, the people are incredible. It’s not every country you go to where people just have these open faces and smiles. And (everyone is) kind, generous, respectful, and sweet-natured. I’ve traveled the world and it’s not like this everywhere. That goes a long way.

Aside from launching Globe’s Project Wonderful, what else did you do in the country?

I’ve only been here for 24 hours. We visited Ormoc, and we went to the sugarcane field to have a traditional lunch with (Ormoc Congresswoman) Lucy Torres-Gomez. She was so welcoming and she toured us through the town. I hope to visit Intramuros today. It’s such a short trip, and I really do hope to bring my wife and kids and visit some of the beaches. Also to go back to Ormoc and see how the town has developed.

In what ways are you similar to Harvey Specter?

I think both Harvey and I have self-doubt and insecurity, and I think we can both be stubborn at times. But in large parts, we’re opposites. He’s definitely smarter, he’s way more quick to judge, and he’s way harsher than I am. I think I have a gentler soul.

But personally, do you like Harvey?

Sure, I love him! Harvey is a narcissist, and he believes it’s okay to own your narcissism. I don’t buy that philosophy, but as a TV character, I think it’s charming and playful. I think it’s okay to be a narcissist if you’re a character on TV.

What was your favorite case in the series?

I don’t really have favorites. I enjoy working on the show week to week, and I love the dynamics of the writers and creators. I think it’s an interesting concept, this whole idea of a guy who hasn’t gone to law school or college, but is brighter than everybody else out there. It’s not like it can’t happen, but at times it can become farfetched.

My father, Stephen Macht, actually played the Harvard ethics professor that gave Mike an A+, which isn’t actually true because Mike never went to college. We have a couple of good scenes together where I try to blackmail this ethics professor.

In real life, would you ever consider being a lawyer?

Never. There are lawyers in my family, like my sister who is a district attorney in the Bronx, and I’ve learned from them, as far as how to infuse some of their talents into Harvey, but it has never been a goal of mine.

Suits is back this week. What can we expect from Harvey this season and the next?

Michael Phelps has a cameo. Scottie (Harvey’s rival) and Harvey are making a run at a real relationship, and the dynamics are going to be challenging because Harvey is now her boss. Mike is hitting a sort of glass ceiling, this idea of “can he go anywhere in this firm?” and how public he can make his success. Does he want to just push the eject button and work somewhere else? There’s a lot of good stuff.

What is a wonderful day for you?

There’s nothing better than being with my family. I really enjoy the simple things in life, like waking up and having my wife and kids around me, making a nice lunch for ourselves, and taking a hike or going for a long walk by the beach. Just being with them and seeing my kids sing, play, or smile. There’s nothing better.

I even got to have my picture taken with him!

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Photo courtesy of PR Asia

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