2014 Book #2: Starck


We all know Philippe Starck as that guy who created the iconic Ghost chair. Its simple, transparent design was lauded as his attempt to democratize furniture and available for all, and for all I mean those who can afford to shell out $410 (or P17,000) for a single piece.


The iconic Ghost Chair


Beyond that, we have no idea what else Starck did. At least I didn’t. I always thought he was simply a furniture designer, but this book by Taschen showed that he was so much more. Starck is a collection of his major projects in a career spanning three decades. The book reveals that beyond chairs, Starck designed houses, buildings, appliances, clothes, and even vehicles!



Starck began designing consumer goods when he realized that the items of his day had no “humor, love, or fancy.” He identified the kind of things the people he would like to have as a friend to own and use. “Not necessarily beautiful objects, but good objects,” he said. Good objects he called non-products for non-consumers, or people who are “alert and wary, but also open, creative, enthusiastic, and finally extremely upstream and modern.”


A couch with a DVD player, projector, and speakers
I wish I had a teddy bear like this!
Philippe Starck-designed office supplies would motivate me to go back to work
Modern watches
A partnership with Monnaie de Paris, the L’Ultimate Franc

What results is an amazing collection of items from French coins, Olympic torches, children’s toys, and those beautiful, beautiful chairs.

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