2014 Film #3: Blue Jasmine

Blue Jasmine is the latest opus of Woody Allen, and it does not disappoint. It stars the luminescent Cate Blanchett as Jasmine French (originally Jeanette Francis), a wealthy socialite who falls on hard times when her husband (played by Alec Baldwin) is discovered to have run a multi-million scam. Jasmine is forced to live with her sister and deal with life as an average human being.

Blue Jasmine is a beautiful portrayal of emotional breakdown and status-seeking. You want to get annoyed at Jasmine because she refuses to let go of her pride, but you also feel sorry for her and wish that she would succeed again. Like most Allen films, an existential thread runs throughout the film, and this time the question is: do we settle?

The writing is clever, but Blanchett brings Jasmine to life. Her acting is beautiful and subtle that I wish I could look like her when I break down. I loved the movie so much. I wish I could say the same for the movie poster.

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