Cucumber vodka.

Yesterday, I decided to infuse some cucumber into vodka. I decided to try it out after reading an article in Out magazine’s April 2012 issue. The idea of making my own “craft” spirit was appealing because everybody seems to be making their own version of something, and because I had no plans this Holy Week. I chose to infuse cucumber because it is refreshing and reminiscent of the summer and the sea. The infusion takes some time, so I’m guessing my experiment will come to fruition at the peak of summer.



Infusing vodka can be quite easy, and you don’t need to have any skills in the kitchen. I have none, and I was able to concoct a beautiful looking and smelling mix. All you’ll need is vodka, a rather large cucumber, and a jar. It might be a good idea to use inexpensive vodka so it’s not too big a deal if it ends up tasting like shit.



Because I was excited to get this baby on the road, I failed to invest in a jar. I emptied the bottle and stuffed the chopped cucumber in the bottle and draped the vodka over it. After it’s ready, it is important to remove the cucumber as it can affect the flavor – taking on an unpleasantly bitter taste. Removing the soggy cucumber will prove a challenge for me, but I survived peeling and chopping the gourd when my only kitchen skill is steeping tea.

I plan on dashing a bit of soda and some muddled mint when it is ready to be served. Adding mint is a flash of inspiration. I once tried a divine cucumber and mint shake when I had dinner at Vikings a few ago. It was so refreshing that I had two glasses, and there was nothing I wanted to do more than rip off all my clothes and fly to Boracay. I didn’t want to infuse the mint because it might be too strong and overpower the sweet flavor of the cucumber.

Right now, my bottle is in the freezer. It’s important to shake it every now and then to balance the flavor. It’s also important to use pure vodka as this does not freeze. I will update you once it is ready. Cheers for the summer!

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