Parker releases its 5th Technology

As a writer, my weapon of choice is the pen. I’ve had a life-long fascination with it, with all the brands, colors, and designs. I always bring a pen with me, along with a little notebook so I can write my witty observations on life, imagining myself as a modern-day Truman Capote or Oscar Wilde. I tried my fair share of pens but stopped experimenting when I discovered the magic of Parker.

Parker established itself as the authority in writing when in 1894, the brand released its Lucky Curve, a pioneering process that prevented leaks, allowing users to carry fountain pens wherever they went. Since then, they have created every era’s defining pens, up to this day.

My first Parker was a roller ball pen given to me by a printing company that offered to print our school yearbook. I instantly fell in love with it, the way it elegantly made its way down the pages of my notebook. Never mind that I mostly wrote about what I did in school and at home. It looked great visually. My second was a fountain pen from my ex-boyfriend, with my name engraved. Unfortunately, our relationship wasn’t as permanent as the Koji A. Iizuka that glistened on the cap. My third was a ball point given to me one Christmas by a family friend.

All of my Parker pens have been graciously given to me by my friends who understand that writing can be a luxurious activity, and that only a brand of Parker’s caliber can match the genius that I delude myself into thinking I can produce. Now, the brand is releasing their Parker 5th Technology, the next generation in pens that “aims to gain a new generation’s interest in in fine writing” with pens that are “as beautiful to use as it is to look at.” And based on personal experience, the new collection is both beautiful to look at and use.

The Parker 5th Technology is named as such because it it is the genuine fifth way of writing, after the fountain pen, ball point, roller ball, and mechanical pencil. By combining a stylish exterior and efficient performance, the brand is set to conquer the literary world.

I visited their exhibit at the Shangri-La Plaza Mall one evening and was blown away by the new collection. Some had gold, and I was more than tempted to blow all my savings and invest in a pen. I am after all, a writer, and I believe in buying the best. The Ingenuity collection is top-notch and reminiscent of the sophistication of the watch, jewelry, and cosmetics industry. On top of its gorgeous design, the Parker 5th Technology offers the smart glide tip that rapidly adjusts to your writing style after a few words, preventive hand-smudging, maximum cap-off time, and elimination of ink leaks.

The Parker Ingenuity Daring Collection – Large models are a throwback to the watch industry, with its metal and texturized soft-touch rubber effect with ring detailing and chrome PVD, a process used in luxury watch-making.

The Parker Ingenuity Daring Collection – Slim models are more feminine with their iridescent pearl lacquer finish, reminiscent of elegant jewelry. Instead of the masculine chrome PVD in the large models, the slim ones come in pink gold, adding a touch of luxury.

The Parker Ingenuity Classic Collection – Large and Slim models both offer a classic look with either chrome or gold trims, depending if the user is discreet or flamboyant. Like its name suggests, the classic comes in black lacquer.

The Parker 5th Technology is the latest offering of the brand that has redefined the art of writing. From making a fountain pen portable to creating a line that will virtually erase smudging and spilling precious ink, Parker is setting the bar again with the Ingenuity collection.

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