Yearbook pictorial

Last Tuesday, I had a shoot for the yearbook with the rest of the committee. I was tired because I just got back from Puerto Galera the previous day but I missed my friends so much that I didn’t dare miss it. Here is an outtake of my creative shot.

My peg was Josh Hartnett’s ad for Emporio Armani’s Diamonds for Men, a fragrance that came out around 2008. I’ve always been in love with the ad since it came out and decided to use it as inspiration when we decided to theme our shoot as high fashion.

This is Laura Recto, our editor-in-chief. Nikko Panti and I styled her and used Liz Uy’s recent Preview cover shoot as a peg. We had a hard time trying to breathe life into Liz’s ensemble but I had a stroke of inspiration when I found a large cloth among the costumes of Colorpoint. Everything else just fell into place and bam! She looked picture perfect.

After the shoot, Nikko, Jan and I went to Robinson’s Manila to check out some stuff. It was such a wonderful feeling to be with them again.

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  • Thank you! I already saw the finished photo and it looks incredible.

    Really? I honestly thought it was too long but I'm anal retentive. I'll post the finished photo so you can see it. Let me know what you think!