Christmas Parties Pt. II (and some New Year stuff)

I’ve been MIA for a while now because of all the holiday activities with my friends and family. From dinners to fireworks to hanging out at the airport, the 2010 holiday season was busy and fulfilling.

December 24 was our annual Arsua Christmas party and my mother’s siblings came over for dinner and the opening of presents. I don’t have that many pictures because I was busy stuffing my face with good food and good wine. It was one of the best Christmas ever because I did my own Christmas shopping (I felt like an adult).

On the 26th, I had dinner with friends at Amici, Alabang, followed by drinks at Le Souk, BF Homes, and coffee at a McCafe. Le Souk is a Mediterranean restaurant/bar along Aguirre and it was amazing because the place wasn’t as stuffy as other BF bars and the interiors were sophisticated. The tables were spaced well and the ventilation was good.
The following day, I invited them for dinner. Jane brought us her gifts, cute tiny mugs (for espresso, I think) from Starbucks. Over wine and tequila shots, we watched Cinco and The Butterfly Effect.

For New Year’s Eve, we went to our aunt’s house at Quezon City for dinner. We had fireworks, but only the girlie ones (none of the Goodbye fireworks people are getting into). We slept at our Quezon City house and went to Mall of Asia the following day with some family friends who are visiting from Hong Kong and Vietnam. Hung out at the airport that night to send them off and met some friends at Nlos, BF Homes for drinks.

(my brother wearing a shirt I owned three or four years ago)

(my precocious five year old cousin, Paolo)

To cap off the holiday season, the folks and I went to Newport City yesterday. It was my first time and I was impressed by the interiors of Resorts World. It reminded me of the hotels in Macau and I liked how there was music in the restrooms. We watched Dalaw (don’t judge me, mother insisted we watch) and I was not impressed because it relied heavily on surprising viewers. As for the cinema, the volume was too loud. We had dinner at Republiq then headed to Mall of Asia to check out books. I bought coffeetable books on cats and Absolut ads.
Oh, I also saw my ex at the ticket booth at Resorts World. I know he saw me but he ignored me by pretending to text. He probably did that because he was with his folks (he’s paranoid and closeted) but a simple nod or smile would suffice. Ass.
Despite the fabulous mall, I was turned off by the parking lot, which looks more like an abandoned warehouse. If you look closely at the board on the picture, you can make out the words wall of shame. You should be ashamed of the parking lot.
That’s all.

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