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I heard this thing about smearing semen on your face to make it soft and smooth. I think I heard it from Nip/Tuck and after further research, I found out ancient Egyptians did the same thing to make their faces supple.

Last night, while drinking with my friends, a guy friend and I discussed the merits of smearing our own semen on our face. It was a disgusting topic, but we were laughing the whole night.

I checked sites online to separate fact from fiction and found great stuff from Yahoo! Answers.

  1. thats the truth…my friend did it and his acne went away and he actually got alot of girlfriends because they said his face was so smooth…kinda strange but true… -mnkyspeed9
  2. Oh, absolutely. Be sure to smear it all over your face just before your P.E. class. –they suspended my account again
  3. you kids are hilarious. do you have zits? find out for yourself! IT IS FUN TO SMEAR IT ON MY WOMAN’S FACE. -Jim B
  4. its probably just a dumb lie a guy will tell you to convince him to give him oral sex. They’re so desperate. -crashhhintome
  5. Uhm, well, it’s good for helping your teeth whiten, literally.I don’t know, I don’t prefer being facialed. -Nikki
  6. I don’t know but I’d like to be part of your experiment. -downdrain
  7. Of course it is not true! It has been a ploy used by many guys for many, many years now to get us to have semen on our faces. lol All they need to do is ask and not make up myths! :o) -alexa2829
  8. We could try. Do you have acne? -jdc6733
  9. Myth I think! but I’ll *** on your face if it helps. -Jimbo
  10. What a great question! I just wish it were a throat lozenge. It might promote more swallowing. -Aaron
  11. Woman juice also can help the eliminate athlete’s foot. Beleive me, I Know. Since my girlfriend and I started getting kinky, my acne has cleared up and my skin is dam near perfect. -leslielezbian
  12. Thanks! All my acne cleared up and my face is smooth as ever! Im going to do it once a day now. Everyone else should too. -Connor B (the dude who asked the question)

To sum everything up, I didn’t find one decent answer. But they all were funny!

You guys might want to check out this site, though. It’s called Semen Therapy and believers claim that drinking semen three times a week can help prevent and fight cancer. It even has a page for adding semen to your diet.


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  • One of our professors in nursing school mentioned it once, but that was it. Just a mention. No proof. I don't think there are even studies of this ongoing.

  • LOL. I would be surprised if studies were conducted. Can you imagine how this would be done?

    And yes, of all the answers I found, the one I believed was the one about guys using it get their semen on girls faces :p