Hark, are the angels already singing?

It’s already December. Even though our huge-ass Christmas tree is already set up in our living room and our house is decorated with angels, Santa statues, and Christmas lights, I still don’t feel the holiday spirit.

Partly it’s because of school. There are so many things to do that I don’t have the time to appreciate the decorations around me. I have my thesis, piles of assignments, and my internship to take care of. Oh yeah, we were rejected by Citimotors because they prefer female interns. Ah, the taste of rejection. I never learned to like it. Fine then, I’ll take my Courreges and Pierre Cardin where it’s appreciated. Kidding.
I handed in my resignation for the yearbook committee. With my busy schedule, I don’t think I can call companies and ask if they want to sponsor our yearbook. I felt that if I stayed, I would compromise the entire team. Advertising is responsible for production, after all.
Today I interviewed an applicant for the paper. Even though he couldn’t answer my more complicated questions (such as his thoughts on Kenyan politics, Iranian media, and the election process of Uzbekistan), he impressed me with his other answers. He was eloquent, witty, and intelligent. He had a strong command of the English language which showed in his application exam. Perhaps if he finished it (I said no when he asked for an extension), he would have received a higher grade.
I have little time to rest and my sleeping habits are worsening. Even though it’s barely a month, I’m already looking forward to my Christmas break. By then, I’m sure I’d feel the holiday spirit.

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