Reality Check

There’s a reason why I only blog once a week. People probably think it’s because I have a busy schedule or I rarely go online, but they are completely untrue. I don’t have a social life, and I spend more time online than in school.

I blog weekly because for me, blogging is an art form. Because I am that righteous journalist/editor, I have to make every entry perfect in every way. I have to make sure my material is great, my grammar is perfect, and my conviction believable. I spend hours editing my work, making sure that the words I chose conveyed my thought in the most expressive way without any lapse in structure or form. I am such a freak for details that sometimes I think it’s clinical. I’ve been known to align my books according to size and group my shirts according to color, taking into consideration textures, details, and shades.

I find it difficult how I can’t write freely. I write as I please, but I have to take into account the rules I learned in creative writing and journalism. I’m bound by all these rules that a two-page entry can sometimes be cut down to a single paragraph, with all the original words changed. Blogging was like writing a feature article coming out in the next issue.

However, I think my obsession for details worked because I’m one of the finalists of the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards for Best Personal Blog. I consider it an honor and privilege to be part of this competition and to be placed alongside blogs I admire. When I scoped out my competition, I was shocked that I was even considered. These blogs were really good. I don’t expect to win, but being nominated is validation enough.

I have been compared many times to the great Carrie Bradshaw, the fictional columnist from Sex and The City. I don’t know if it’s my obsession for fashion, my colorful love life, or my actual writing skills (or lack thereof) that remind people of Mrs. Big, but it’s extremely flattering. Flattering as it is, being compared to the great Ms. Bradshaw is hard to live up to because every week I’m expected to come up with a literary masterpiece, which is one of the reasons why I go to great lengths to achieve perfection on a weekly basis.

One night, while I was checking out the competition for the PBA, I stumbled upon RZ Fortajada’s blog, Room For Squares. I was amazed at the way she wrote her entries. She was very casual, but you could feel the depth and sincerity of her words. There was no pretense, just easy, spontaneous, but impressive posts.

I realized that I don’t have to make every entry worthy of a Palanca. I can just say what I feel without having to weigh if affluent would be a better alternative than rich. Being an editor made me forget that blogging is for the sake of blogging and nothing else.

So now I’m letting everything go. After I finish typing, I’ll read everything once and correct errors and that’s it. By blogging once a week and making it a tedious affair, I’m sucking the life out of the whole experience. So thank you, RZ for bringing the fun back to blogging. I needed that reality check.

And frankly, I’m just too damn lazy to edit.

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  • There was a point in time when the whole point of blogging and its joys were robbed from me. I have been blogging for years yet I kept my blog private. When I made it public less than a year ago, I also got exposed to the different blogs out in the internet, and as such to the various writing styles of different bloggers.

    Insecurity seeped in and I resolved to edit my entries, making sure they “looked good”. Yet I discovered that this utterly destroys the whole sense and purpose of writing, to the point that it can even change who I am as reflected by my own writing style.

    Being included as a Finalist in the 2009 PBA is really an honor. I myself didn't expect that I'd be a finalist. It was 2 days after they posted the list that I found out I was a finalist. It was with much trepidation that I entered the contest since I know of a lot of really good blogs out there. Your blog is the first one I've visited which is included in the list of Finalists. Hehe. Apart from not having enough time to blog hop lately, I also know that I will encounter a lot of great blogs once I check out the other finalists. And I am right. Yours is a really great blog.

    Good luck sa tin lahat. 😀

  • you write really well, koji. no need to be insecure.

    re:rz yeah. she's really good. when i first bloghopped to her page, i was in such awe. i usually don't follow people off the bat but with her, i made an exception.

  • you guys are great 🙂 nothing's better than receiving compliments from people you admire.

    @elleica i hope you “let go of everything” just as i have. it's so much better to write from the heart without having to flower everything up.

    @nyl thank you so much 🙂 i really admire the way you write too. it's so deep.

    @dick yeah, an epiphany. i actually don't get this much. it's a good feeling 🙂

  • there's no such thing as writing. only re-writing. thats what makes the best writers. 🙂 and i like your thoughts, so refined. blogging as an art? agree!

  • Wow, thanks for the special mention. 🙂 I'm really touched. And I'm glad it helped you loosen up with blogging. You're good already, so just have fun with it. 🙂

    Thanks din to Nyl. And I hope you guys know I'm a fan of your blogs. 🙂