I needed a pick me up not a pick up.

It was one of those days when my disposition matched the weather. I was not in a good mood because of certain people so I went out in the middle of the night for a quick smoke. I haven’t smoked in a long time but I needed that nicotine fix that would assure me everything would be all right.

When I got my cigarette, I was about to sit down when two guys called me. They weren’t really guys, they were gay. Crossdressers. They asked for a light and when I offered my cigarette, they asked me to sit down and join them. Not fast enough to think of an excuse or run, I sat. I don’t have a problem with crossdressers but I’m wary of strangers asking me to sit down with them in the middle of the night and “talk”.

I must say they were really nice. They even thought I was straight but when they found out I wasn’t, the more aggressive one kept making moves. Apparently, discretion wasn’t part of his vocabulary because he kept trying to hold my hand and linking his arm with mine even when I explicitly told him about V. He did ask me subtly if I wanted to get it on but I played dumb and pretended I didn’t know what he was talking about. I actually liked the other one better because he was more intellectual and wasn’t as “pervasive” as the one that dominated the conversation. Again, my inability to make excuses or run surfaced when they asked for my number. I did give it but I changed a few digits. Luckily, I left my phone so they won’t be able to verify it. When I left (they were gracious enough to ask me if I wanted to go already), I made sure they weren’t following.

Of course, nothing would result from what happened but it was nice to know that I still have market value and that I could be appreciated. My mood started to lift just as the rain started to pour.

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