Hypocrisy At Its Finest

Last night I went out drinking with Kathy and Jane at Jane’s new apartment in BF. She moved last week with our other friend Louise to be closer to school, though I think she moved because most of us live in the village and it’ll be easier to go home drunk when you’re with friends (kidding, Jane). I miss drinking. I miss Nlos, Central, Neighborhood and all those places we used to go to when we want to get hammered. Luckily our schedules are almost the same so we could drink every week again.

Okay, I think the real issue at hand is my return to Blogger. I know I’ve said stuff about the “grass being greener on the other side” but I realized that Blogger is better than the host I tried. It did have its perks like a more organized layout, detailed stats, and a community of bloggers in the dashboard but it did have its letdowns like the CSS. I’m a detail freak so it bothered me a lot that the themes were pretty limited and there weren’t any that I really liked. Most of the themes had fixed widths which really didn’t maximize space. Entries are just in the middle while a lot of space is wasted on the sides. There were custom widths but they weren’t easy on the eyes. You can edit your CSS, but you can only save it if you upgrade your account.

Another thing that bothered me was its inability to display third party gadgets such as shoutboxes. Shoutboxes are an integral part to my blog because this is where readers can say how they appreciate my blog. Comments can be made but only to entries, not to the entire site. I signed up for many shoutbox sites but they all couldn’t be displayed. I also saw a lot of cool widgets online but they couldn’t be displayed too.

In Blogger everything is possible. I can edit the layout as much as I want to (for free) and post all kinds of widgets. I don’t have the detailed stats (another favorite of mine in my other blog) but I got a third party counter that updates me with visits. Everything I’ll miss in the other host I replaced with widgets.

The other night while I was trying to sleep, I was debating whether I should just stick to the host or return to Blogger. Thinking about it, there were only a few setbacks, but it mattered. I know a lot of loyal readers would be pissed that I’ll be changing links again and they have to remember a new address but I feel that this is what I really want. I feel that I’ll be compromising myself if I gave up some of my favorite parts in blogging which will annoy me everytime I log in to that account. I guess I needed to try another host to see how amazing Blogger really is.

So again, I’m sorry. Here I am, babbling about change and using old-school one-liners to convince you to keep following me. I hope you won’t get tired. I still have a lot to write about.

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  • Welcome back, Koji! I don't know if I have the moral ascendancy to welcome you back but the hell I care! huge term! hehe.

    (I'm really trying to be funny here. OK, I think this one's a failure.)

    Anyway, glad you return! Blogger has missed you I was told. Medyo nagtampo raw sya nang lumipat ka pero tinanggap ka pa rin nya ngayon! Naisip ko tuloy, parang nanay din pala ang Blogger. haha