Justify my love

It feels overwhelming knowing that I have inspired many people to start blogging. The fact that people even bother reading my blog is enough. But that my works encourage people to write too, wow. I am flattered. No, I am floored.

I didn’t expect that I would get so much positive feedback. I’m not going to lie by saying I write for the passion and not for the syndication because that would be a half-baked truth. It’s true in the sense that I write because it is my passion, but I must admit I also do it because I want to be a renowned writer.

I’m not like most people whose talents have been honed for many years. I’m not like those who grew up doing what they do today. I actually only started writing during the summer before I entered college four years ago. Back then, I was still the raging partyphile blinded by the glare of the strobe lights. I wanted to be like Tim Yap, a local celebutante who wrote articles for the Inquirer, a national paper. I thought it was cool that he partied like a rock star and still wrote great articles. Sort of like a pinoy Carrie Bradshaw.

I only realized that I wanted to be a writer the summer before college. And by then, I already got in UST with a major in Psychology. I do love Psychology, but if people were to ask around what I do, the usual response would be writing. I have been associated with writing that people seem to forget that I am in a different field.

Initially, I thought writing would only be a summer gig with an expiration date. I didn’t expect that I would apply for the college paper in UST and end up as one of the top qualifiers. When I transferred to Perpetual, I applied for the university-wide paper and scored the highest in the written exam. What’s funny was even before I finished enrolling for the school, I was already an applicant for The Perpetualite.

This is who I am. A writer. I blog. I write in my journal. I write for the school paper. If you were to compare the high school me with no direction and the driven and ambitious me that you see [and maybe know] today, you wouldn’t believe it’s the same person. I’m not saying that I am a fantastic writer, or even a good one. I’m just saying that I am a writer.

I’m happy that I am sharing my passion. I believe that we are all writers. I mean, most of us know how to write. We all have stories. It may be fascinating, it may not be, but the fact remains that we all have tales to tell. Sometimes it doesn’t matter that you’re not good in grammar. If the story outweighs the mistakes in structure, you can never go wrong. Everybody has the potential. The best idea would be to start a blog. Don’t let your memories sink into oblivion. Tell your story. And don’t forget. Link me. Lol!

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