I kissed a girl and I liked it.

After the success of my first week dieting, I am disappointed to say that I didn’t do well this week. I only lost 3 lbs., which isn’t even half of what I lost last time. I’ve been drinking a lot so I had to eat to avoid having a gaping hole in my stomach. It was the CAS Week and being an officer, I was busy preparing for the activities for Psych. Day. It was indeed very stressful, so Kathy and I went drinking last Friday to blow off some steam. We went to Central where we were later joined by Jane and newfound drinking buddies from school. Booze was flying everywhere and we both got rat faced on pitchers of Bad Boy and buckets of beer. At the end of the night, I went to Ascend with Kathy, Jane and Lloyd [who we met that night through Teng] where we went dancing and had more drinks.

I didn’t drink the following day, but I went to school because of the mass induction. I wanted to skip this and go drinking [Lloyd was asking us to go out], but my waning sense of ethics decided to go overdrive that night and I found myself swearing that I would use my secretarial power to the benefit of the Psych. community. Right. We were supposed to have drinks after at Waki’s, but since my induction ran late, we cancelled.

Hanging out with the boys at Central got us invites to Island Cove because Joey’s family owns the resort. We were there Wednesday and drank [at 11 in the morning!] before going swimming and having a big lunch by the sea. The night before, Kathy came over and we watched Sex and the City: The Movie while having gin-based drinks.

Friday, I went drinking again with the boys from my class. We’re well acquainted, but not good friends because I only met them last semester. During my first semester in Perpetual, most of my classmates were Mass Communication majors so I ended up being friends with them. Until now, I am mistaken to be a Mass Comm. student because of my friends and my lively personality. It was a good idea that the boys invited us so we could bond. After all, we’re going to be together until we graduate, so we might as well make the most out of it. We stayed over at Stick’s, a former Psych. student who shifted to Nursing. When the drinks ran out and our buzz started to subside, we started playing games to keep ourselves busy. We played suck-and-blow and boy was it a riot. Kalei and I ended up kissing a couple of times and I kissed some boys too. I’m not going to name names, but let’s just say I was a happy camper.

The following day, I was to meet Ysa for Psynapse, the annual acquaintance party for UST-Psychology. Eunice was supposed to come too, but she had plans so it was just the two of us. We met in Trinoma and hung out at Starbucks before going to Metrobar. It was pretty awkward because it was Reniel who invited me and bought me my ticket. He introduced me to his friends which was an experience I would never want to repeat because they knew who I was and they all had that knowing and accusing look. I even noticed some of them spying on us and eavesdropping while we talked. That night was sort of my homecoming because I saw my old friends from UST. I’m not going to say I’m popular or I have many friends, but I enrolled in a lot of classes so I pretty much knew most of the people in the Psych. community. Ysa and I had dinner, but since the free drink was a tiny plastic cup of iced tea, I ordered a Mai Tai. We left around 12 and went over a friend’s house to have a couple of drinks, but we left after an hour or so to have coffee at Starbucks and bond.

So I didn’t lose as much as I did last week, but I don’t care. The feeling in knowing that I lost 10 lbs. is enough to make me feel good about myself. I’m still not skinny like Posh, but I am happy in the knowledge that I have friends I could count on no matter what. Through thick or thin, bad hair days and bad fashion choices, we would be great friends. No frills, no pretensions, no concealers. While watching Sex and The City: The Movie, I realized that friends are all you need in this world. With friends like Ysa, bff Arvin, and Kathy, I don’t need guys. The series is right. Trends, as well as boyfriends, come and go, but friendship will never go out of style.

A toast then. To having no boyfriends but great girlfriends. Cheers!

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