All I hear is ay ya ya ya ya.

I’ve been in school for over a week, and well – I’m stressed. I didn’t expect that I’ll be all over the place because I always thought of myself as lax when it comes to my studies. I do really well in school, but I’m not the type of person who puts so much effort into it. My trick is to make the most out of class so I wouldn’t see the need to pull an all-nighter before an exam. Believe it or not, but I only spend an average of five minutes studying. I don’t really study, I just scan through my notes and refresh my memory.

I thought I would survive this semester doing what I do. I think I could, but it’s going to be much harder. It’s Wednesday, and I have a quiz tomorrow and an assignment I need to submit, and on Friday, I have three quizzes and two assignments! It’s enough to drive anyone crazy, and as a matter of fact, I’m already doubting my sanity as it is. I wouldn’t be surprised if my brother finds me in the closet chewing my foot off.

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