Miles away.

Last Wednesday, Reniel and I agreed that he should come over so we could fix things. We’ve been having problems and we both felt that we should see each other to make up. We did make up, and me and some of my friends ended up having some of the puttanesca he brought.

When he left, I got bothered by what was happening. I knew for a fact that he lived in Valenzuela, but I only realized how far it was that day. He left around six, and he arrived home at nine. Now that’s something.

Things didn’t help when one of my closest friends moved here to the village. It made me realize how far Reniel is. With Kathy, I can come over any time of the day without planning. It’s that convenient. With Reniel, we have to plan everything in advance. To most people, this is nothing, but to me, it matters. It matters a lot.

Reniel called it geographic desirability. I call it practicality. It’s not easy dating someone who lives three, four, or even five cities away. It’s not. It would be easier if we went to the same school, but no. That’s not the case. I know distance shouldn’t matter when it’s in the context of love, but it’s one of the things that are important to me. I’m to blame of course, because I shouldn’t have gone out with him in the first place knowing he lives across the universe.

I ended things with him this morning. He said that I didn’t make any sense. Maybe he’s right.

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