You just keep on pushing my love over the borderline.

Everybody loves sales. You get to buy really expensive stuff at slashed prices and you can strut around in it, not telling people you bought it on discount. I’m actually guilty as charged. I once bought a pair of really fabulous shoes for half-price, but when friends asked how much I paid, I told them 3 grand.

Today SM Mall of Asia had a sale and Powerbooks texted me, inviting me to come over and check out their books. So after I changed my schedule for my summer class, I went straight to MOA to see what Powerbooks had.

Everybody loves sales. The problem is, everybody loves it. There were so many people that I was hardly walking in a straight line anymore. I had to zig this way, and then I had to zag that, avoiding the many people and their many shopping bags. Apparently, everyone was going crazy. And not in a good way. I’m talking frothing-in-the-mouth crazy. Sadly, I was one of them.

Even Powerbooks was unusually crowded. When I saw the prices, I didn’t wonder. It was absolutely ridiculous. I bought FRONT ROW: ANNA WINTOUR [hardbound, baby!] for only 99 pesos! I was so overjoyed that I reserved copies for my fashion-inclined friends too. I also bought a copy of Marquis de Sade’s 120 Days in Sodom. It was still pretty expensive [it was only 20% off], but I’ve been wanting to get the book so I did.

Happy with my purchases, I went around, wondering what else I could buy. I didn’t have much, but I still had the money the japanese gave me, so I ended up buying 2 CDs. I was supposed to get a dress shirt, but they didn’t have my size, so it sucked. I was thinking of getting a drink in Coffee Bean, but I assumed it was going to be crowded as well, what with the summer heat and all.

I was tired anyway, and the people were getting on my nerves, so I went home. I was sort of regretting it because it’s a Saturday, and instead of going out with my friends, I’m here. Bff Arvin did invite me to have drinks with the fashion flock, as did my guy friends from school, but I want to be with R tonight.

I do want to go out. This morning, before I went to school, I texted Kathy, inviting her to have cocktails with me in Alabang. There’s this bar that has a fabulous promo where you get a pitcher of cocktail for only 300 pesos, but she couldn’t come because she was with her boyfriend. I got upset when I realized I was going to be alone tonight, because I really need company. Bff Arvin’s landline is broken so I couldn’t pour my grievances, and I think he’s out with the fashion flock.

I think R’s out with his friends too. Oh well.

I guess it’s just going to be me and Anna tonight. Cheers.

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