It’s too late to apologize, yadi yadi yada.

I stayed in Holiday Inn last Sunday and I kind of hoped [more of expected] that R would ask me out since I was nearer to him compared to Las Pinas. Despite my regrettable breakdown last night, I was surprised at how well I handled the situation when he didn’t.

I ended up spending the following Monday sunbathing by the pool and getting an uneven tan. While I was making sure every crevice of my body was evenly burned like french toast, I made a conclusion. I know this sounds weird, but I owe a lot to the guys that I dated. Though none of them obviously worked out, I still owe them a lot. I learned a lot from those assholes that broke my heart, and now I know how to react to certain situations.

Now if only I could sunbathe like a pro. I don’t think wriggling around like a dying fish is the proper way to tan.

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