Lighting A Cigarette From The Wrong End Of The Lighter

My friends and I were at Paolo’s again last night. There we drank and drank until a lot of us got wasted. No wait, that was only me. And Bob also! I remember him sleeping on the couch while the rest of the guys were playing the guitar.

We were over at Paolo’s to celebrate the end of the semester. Who came? Hmm. Of course Paolo, and Bob, Gogo, Pie (Paolo’s girl), Miko, Jam (So far yet so near, Jam Fournier), Angelo (Ang baso ay itaas, Angelo Cablitas), JM (Walang katapat, JM Patapat), Mara, Chermann, and of course, me.

Mara, Chermann, Pie, and Miko left early so I was left with the boys, but I must admit, they’re really wonderful. We were able to talk about guy stuff and it was great. While talking to the guys, I made this realization. You know you’re irrevocably drunk when you forcibly light a cigarette using the wrong end of the lighter.

I was finally able to talk to Paolo about what’s been bothering me. I must say, alcohol really does bridge people. The conversation was pretty light, I asked him why he liked me, and he told me it was because I was handsome. He was about to say something else but Gogo interrupted us with a drink which I graciously accepted. What can I say? I love to drink. After I did my shot, I asked him what stopped him from courting me. He then told me it was because of his promise to Pie that he would wait.

Let me say that I have nothing against Pie. She’s pretty, she’s great, she’s a good friend. I have no right to get mad at her because Paolo chose her. And besides, she’s so nice I can’t get upset. As I’ve said, Pie is a great friend. But yeah, I am jealous. I remember saying things I wasn’t supposed to say, like how jealous I am of Pie and stuff like that.

I ended up dozing off on Paolo’s shoulder while he played with my hair. I asked him to sing me a song, and he sang Crazy For You. It was of course dedicated to Pie, but it was a Madonna song. Good enough.

Around midnight, we all went home. Gogo even gave me a ride. Great guy. Thank you Gogo! I went straight to bed, and now, it’s 8 in the morning and I’m still wearing the clothes I wore last night. Wow. I’m hung over like hell, so do forgive me if my writing is messed up. Gonna shower then sleep again. I’m in no state to attend the meeting for the publication this afternoon.

It’s finally the sem break! Awesome! Monday, we’ll all meet up again to drink (this time with more people) then have a swim in Cavite for Mara’s birthday.

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