5 Arguments On The Existence Of God

I absolutely love St. Thomas Aquinas’ (my school’s founder) 5 Arguments on the Existence of God. I’m not a zealous Catholic, but still, I appreciate this doctrine that was taught to me last year in my Theology class. The stuff you’ll read is written in the simplest of terms, but when read carefully, it makes perfect sense. It’s true that I am a fan of ostentation, and opulence is my law, but there are times when simplicity has its air of chic. I believe in the saying that goes: in the simplicity of life can we find the most beautiful things.

1. Motion
– An object is caused by motion by some other object or force. An object cannot move itself and must require an non-moving mover. Therefore, there is a first mover existing before all movement.

2. Causality of Existence
– A thing cannot cause itself. There can be no infinite chain of cause and effect. Therefore, there is a first cause which is not caused by anything.

3. Contingency
– Things that exist now were dependent on certain conditions to exist. Therefore, there must a being who is not contingent, because if there was nothing then, there would be nothing now.

4. Gradation
– If an object has lesser degrees of one characteristic, therefore there must be something who has the maximum possible degree.

5. Design
– Only a conscious mind brings a being to its end or purpose. Therefore, there must be an intelligent mind who designs and governs those without minds such that they reach their ends or purpose.

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