The Miseducation Of Bisexuality

You must know I’ve been bored. So to pass time, I’ve been going through profiles in DowneLink (an online gay community similar to friendster). To tour DowneLink or to create an account, Click Here.

Anyway, it really irritated me to see that most of the Filipino guys there refuses to accept the fact that they’re gay, calling themselves BISEXUAL instead. Bisexualism is the newest trend here in the metro, and sadly, it’s a pathetic misnomer.

Bisexuality is an old term, probably coined by Freud (I forget), which refers to a preference to both the male and female gender. Yes, it’s true that there are REAL bisexual men here in the Philippines, but most of the so-called “bi” here are really gay.

The bisexuals here are under the stupid belief that bisexuality depends on the discretion. In simple terms, they think you’re bisexual if you’re discreet, even if you’re only attracted to people of the same sex. Now that is just STUPID.

Just because you’re gay doesn’t mean you’re instantly effeminate. Being gay means you’re only attracted to guys. You’re not bi because you’re macho. Grow up.

Goodness, I need to fill up my weekdays as well.

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