Couturexia Nervosa

is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a fashion disorder characterized by poor self esteem when it comes to clothing. Symptoms include incessant buying of the latest trend, and later bitching out that it doesn’t look good on them.

Couturexics are constantly on the prowl for interesting styles, and may be seen watching like a hawk in public places, eyeing garment after garment, whether on a mannequin or an actual human being.

Their body image is normal, but distorted when it comes to the clothes they wear. Although their style is not that bad, they exaggerate and actually believe that they look like fashion rejects. They see a particular garment looking “fabulous” on someone else, but when worn, they are under the belief that “it doesn’t look half as good on them.”

Treatment includes a reality check, issued by relatives or close friends, with a note that says three simple words: GET OVER IT.

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