You’ll want to try Pizza Hut’s Maple Bacon Stuffed Crust Pizza

If you’re a fan of Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust pizzas, here’s what you need to try next: the Maple Bacon Stuffed Crust Pizza.

Picture this: mouthwatering maple golden crust stuffed generously with crunchy toasted bacon and 100 percent mozzarella cheese, all surrounding a pizza that’s filled with savory strips of bacon on a bed of maple-sweetened white sauce. The ingredients are simple but it packs a punch with its heft and flavor. Definitely a must-try.

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Coca-Cola, Save Philippine Seas back the scaling of waste solutions with P1.8-M grant funding

Six waste solutions initiatives will receive a total of P1.8-million grant funding from the Reimagine Recycling Year 3: Supporting Solutions to Waste Pollution program of Coca-Cola Philippines and Save Philippines Seas.

Reimagine Recycling is an annual program that aims to help scale or advance emerging circular economy initiatives that help address the plastic waste crisis and provide training in addressing issues on waste segregation, recycling/upcycling, improving the welfare of the informal waste sector, and mainstreaming gender in waste management.

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How Virtual Engagement Has Impacted Our Reality

When we think about virtual engagement, our minds may be drawn to several different activities. We’re thinking about the ability to virtually chat with friends on social media or keep up with family members through video chats.

It seems more and more platforms have been developed to allow us to socially engage with others regardless of where they are in the world. Like telemedicine with testosterone replacement therapy options, legal Zoom consultations, online classrooms, and more. Yet when we look at these examples closely, it isn’t entirely fair to call them “virtual” engagement because after all, people are still sharing physical space (and often real-life experiences) when interacting this way.

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5 Local LGBTQIA+ Romance Audiobooks You Can Listen to on Audiophile

If you love romance stories, you might want to check out Audiophile, an audiobook platform now available on Early Access. This means that you can access it even before the official launch, and choose to listen to a growing library of romance titles, spread across contemporary, Filipino language, and LGBTQIA+. The diversity of content is purposeful: There are kilig-inducing stories for everyone.

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