4 of LG’s OLED TVs Have Been Officially Tagged as Netflix-Recommended

Content consumption has changed these past few years. Now, we no longer need to go to cinemas or wait months until a movie comes out on DVD or on cable TV. Now, we can just go to our favorite streaming platform and be among the first in the world to catch a movie or TV show. We don’t have to leave home.

LG has redefined home entertainment because four of its OLED TVs have been officially tagged as Netflix-recommended. In order to be approved by the streaming giant, they need to have: a fast app launch, a dedicated Netflix button, easy access Netflix icon from the TV menu, TV resume function, and the latest version of the Netflix TV app with all its latest features.

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The #AngkasTaraNa Music Video is Funny and LSS-Worthy!

One of my favorite profiles on social media is the Twitter account of Angkas, the leading motorcycle taxi platform in the country. They post a lot of funny content, even riding on current memes to make jokes about themselves, their followers, and the ridesharing industry. It may seem like they don’t have an online strategy but it worked to their advantage because they now have a distinct personality.

Now, Angkas has decided to level up by producing a music video for the song #AngkasTaraNa. It’s hilarious and LSS-worthy, but there’s something else that makes the song and the video special: the rapper, Trix Maceres, is an Angkas driver. The choreography was also developed by an Angkas driver, and many of the people in the video are part of the community, too.

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Check Out These Holiday Promos at Midas Hotel!

One of my few luxuries is to go on a staycation. There’s just something relaxing about staying at a hotel for a few days, lounging in the room, watching movies, taking a long bath, and going to the nearby malls to shop. One of the best things to do in a hotel is eat and I’m excited for all the dining and room promos hotels have for the holidays.

Midas Hotel has plenty of deals for guests this Christmas and you can check them out below:

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Save Yourself Time and Get the Yellow Cab Hungry Holiday Feast This Christmas

Noche Buena for the Arsua household means cooking up a feast for all the relatives who will be dropping by to celebrate Christmas. This means shopping for groceries and going to different specialty stores to get things like lechon, cake, and other bits and pieces. When you pair that with the stress of gift shopping and the increasingly horrible traffic, Christmas is not exactly the most peaceful holiday.

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Rebisco Partners with 4 Artists to Create Special Edition Designer Cans

One of the enduring hallmarks of our childhood are those huge Rebisco tin cans. In them are some of the most iconic snacks for older millennials, Gen Xers, and baby boomers: Hansel crackers, choco sandwiches, and its trademark crackers. Little has changed since the brand opened in 1963, but there’s a big shakeup that happened recently. For its 55th anniversary, Rebisco has partnered with four notable visual artists to create special edition cans with unique artworks.

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You Can Experience History Through Virtual Reality with I Am Cardboard!

For many of us who grew up prior to technology and social media, the study of history can be boring. Luckily, advances in science have made this important subject fun and even interactive! That’s what I Am Cardboard did when they created another virtual reality diorama in partnership with the Ayala Museum, this time focusing on Emilio Aguinaldo and Andres Bonifacio.

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