UnionBank and UST Restore and Digitize Rare Books (Including 1st Ed Noli Me Tangere)

One of the best decisions of my life is buying an iPad Mini. I bought it a few years ago when I realized that my room was piling up with magazines, copies of which I only read once but still wanted to keep. I was transitioning to minimalism, so I wanted a system where I can still have my subscriptions while saving space. There are many reasons why digital is a great alternative to reading, and one of them is to save old and rare books. Books are a country’s written history and I believe in preserving them.

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Ballet Manila Supports and Fulfills the Dreams of Two Dancers from Tondo

Everyone has dreams, but not everyone is given the opportunity to pursue or achieve it. Apart from luck, resources play a great role. It’s a good thing that institutions and scholarships exist to help those who don’t have the means to pursue their passion. Sometimes the best can be found in the unlikeliest of places and are just waiting for their big break.

Ballet Manila is always on the lookout for potential ballerinas and danseurs, and recruits them through the Project Ballet Futures. The scholarship program helps talented dancers from the most deprived neighborhoods in the country by giving them a full dance scholarship, along with meals, transportation, supplements, dancing gear, and allowance.

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SM Aura Launches Weekends at the Courtyard, My New Fave Hangout

SM Aura is one of the country’s most beautiful malls, featuring unique food and shopping options. The mall glows with an elegant atmosphere and I love spending time there because it’s less crowded. It’s my respite whenever I visit Bonifacio Global City, because I love basking in its airconditioning while exploring its upscale haunts. There’s always something new to discover at SM Aura, and hidden in a nook is Weekends at the Courtyard, my new favorite hangout place.

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SM Aura Blooms with Art in Aura, an Initiative with Local Artists

One of my favorite malls is SM Aura. It’s less crowded, the food choices are unique, and the shopping choices are elevated. There’s always something to check out at Aura, and it’s such a nice break from the rest of Bonifacio Global City. I love how walkable BGC is, but at the end of the day, I just want to be in a relaxing and airconditioned place. Now, there’s one more reason for me to visit Aura because they just launched Art in Aura!

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Decoding the Starbucks Teavana Collection

Tea is one of my favorite beverages because of the variety and the different effects it has on the body. A strong black tea can perk you up in the morning, while a hot cup of green tea can calm you down and relax your nerves. There’s a specific type of tea I drink for every occasion or time of day.

One of my favorite tea brands is Teavana, an American line of premium teas that Starbucks acquired in 2012. Last year, Starbucks brought an exclusive line of teas to the Philippines, introducing Filipinos to this popular brand.

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Bliss Challenges What Can Be Shown in Philippine Cinemas

Much has been said about Jerrold Tarog’s Bliss, which originally received an X rating from the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB). According to the agency, the film was given the rating because of explicit nudity. As a result, the film was deemed unfit for public exhibition. Okay, there was a lot of nudity, but I’m happy to report that it doesn’t overshadow the core of the film: a thought-provoking and well-crafted story on the entertainment industry and its chilling effect on artists.

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