7 Safety Tips for Your Family at Home During the Quarantine

With the enhanced community quarantine due to the coronavirus or COVID-19, most of us are stuck at home, just waiting for the outbreak to finish. The thing is, even if we’re quarantined, we should still be careful since some of us still venture out to do the groceries or other important errands. We may also have direct contact with delivery drivers who are out the whole day. Even if we’re just at home, things can still happen.

Here are seven tips to keep yourself and your family safe during the quarantine period:

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You Can Now Buy Contraceptives Online Amidst the Community Quarantine

Dima (dima.ph) launches its one-stop online shop for sexual health where Filipinos can conveniently, safely, and privately access affordable contraceptives. With Dima’s website launched, Filipinos can now purchase reproductive and sexual health drugs online instead of buying them physically from a pharmacy, especially during an enhanced community quarantine in the country.

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7 Things I Love About Working From Home + Simple Tips

Now that the national government has implemented an enhanced community quarantine, most people are required to stay home from March 17 to April 14, 2020. Those who are lucky to be able to work from home are probably grappling with their new environment and the many temptations their home can provide. I’ve been working from home for the past four years and while people are always telling me how jealous they are of my setup, I respond with how much discipline it takes to have that kind of freedom.

To those people who are still struggling with the work from home setup, here are seven things I love about it, along with some tips to help them survive this quarantine. Who knows, it might encourage them to pursue it full time.

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Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Cebu Pacific’s Flight Cancelations

If you’re like me whose travel plans have been derailed because of the coronavirus, you’re probably wondering what will happen to the flight you paid for. It sucks that this happened since I’ve been planning my trip to Japan for many years, but I keep reminding myself that my health is more important and that Japan will always be there. I promise to be back.

Cebu Pacific announced today that it is canceling all its international flights. Here’s everything you need to know about it:

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Cashless is the Way to Go During This Community Quarantine

Now that the cases of coronavirus are rising in the Philippines, we must find ways to keep ourselves and the people around us safe. The month-long quarantine seems to be helping because a lot of people are staying home. Malls and non-essential establishments have temporarily closed, classes are suspended, and flights are being canceled. So what else can we do to protect ourselves from the dreaded COVID-19?

Other countries have pushed for cashless systems when paying for goods and services. Restaurants in the US are recommending cashless payments, while Iran has seen a spike in contactless transactions for the past week. It’s understandable when you consider that paper money host thousands of microbes and are passed around by dozens of people. Imagine if a bill handled by an infected person is passed on to you? As of yesterday, there are 140 cases in the Philippines, which makes this scene likely.

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Lounging at Home is Now More Comfortable with Jack ‘n Jill Plushies

As a writer that can work from anywhere, my favorite days are when I can just stay at home. I don’t have to worry about traffic, spending money, and I can take naps or watch Netflix between deadlines. There are plenty of comfortable spots around the house for working and lounging, and one of my favorites is the living room. It’s bright, airy, and comfortable, so it’s the perfect spot to sit around to create content or read a good book.

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Moira de la Torre to Perform “Reflection” for “Mulan”

One of my favorite Disney movies is Mulan. The film broke barriers and showed that a Disney Princess can be strong, independent, and powerful. It also boasted an awesome soundtrack, spawning my favorite “I’ll Make a Man Out of You.” Another favorite is “Reflection,” a powerful ballad that perfectly captured the film’s narrative. Written and produced by Matthew Wilder and David Zippel, “Reflection” holds a special place in the hearts of many Filipinos for decades.

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