Pancake House’s Classic Cheese Burger is Returning… But Only in One Branch

The mere mention of Pancake House is a welcome invitation to a heartwarming home, where friends and families come together for a good time over delicious comfort food.

Fans of the well-loved restaurant would remember its very first branch in Magallanes, where all-time favorites like the Spaghetti with Meat Sauce and the two-piece. Pan Chicken were born. Another crowd-pleaser from over 40 years ago is the Classic Cheese Burger, which is making a comeback!

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Jamba Juice Hosts an Ultimate Frisbee Tournament at Whirl’d Cup 2019

While summer calls to mind a long, relaxing vacation, most Filipinos see the season as a great time to make plans with their friends or even a good time to get active and enjoy the outdoors.

For Jamba Juice, summer is not just a good time to start enjoying a healthful and active routine, but to also blend this passion with finding and bonding with a community.

To encourage more Filipinos to embrace and enjoy a healthful lifestyle, Jamba Juice hosted the second edition of Whirl’d Cup, a two-day mixed (read: co-ed) Ultimate Frisbee tournament organized with JMJ Sports Training Services, in partnership with the Philippine Flying Disc Association.

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How Thailand Turned its Opium Farms into Coffee Plantations

For those who can’t live without their caffeine fix, the search is always on for a good cup of joe. Next-level coffee junkies, however, take their caffeine obsession to a different level. They visit coffee plantations, pick cherries, learn how to roast, and join coffee cupping activities. In fact, the taste of coffee in the places they visit are some of the most defining moments of their experiences.

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Honolulu HK Cafe Review: More Than Just Delicious Pastries

Hong Kong is one of my favorite cities because there’s always something different each time I visit. Of course, each trip means a new set of dishes and restaurants to experience. And yet, for some reason, I’ve never had the chance to try Honolulu HK Cafe, the original and oldest tea restaurant in the city. Since it opened in 1940, it has charmed locals and tourists with its egg tarts and other pastries. I got to try it for the first time here in Manila.

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“Aladdin” Review: Shining, Shimmering, Splendid

A lot of people my age count the Disney version of Aladdin as their favorite film. So when it was announced that a live-action adaptation would be produced, they had high expectations. As high expectations go, they are rarely met so people had things to say when the trailer came out, especially after seeing Will Smith as a blue genie. But after seeing the film a week before its Philippine premiere, I have to say: I love both the animated feature and the adaptation.

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