You Can Now Book SweetEscape in 15 Cities in the Philippines!

Pinoy celebrations come in all shapes and sizes. It can be as grand as your dream wedding, celebrating your grandparents’ 50th anniversary, or even something as precious as the birthday of your favorite pet. Whatever occasion you want to celebrate, SweetEscape wants to help you capture moments you can cherish forever.

SweetEscape is an AI-driven photography platform that offers photoshoots for any occasion in over 500 cities in 100 countries globally. With over 10,000 photographers under its network, anyone can have professional quality visual content while supporting local photographers.

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Anvil Publishing Joins the 2019 Philippine Readers and Writers Festival

Anvil Publishing invites everyone to have a festive time with panel discussions and book signings at the 2019 Philippine Readers and Writers Festival, happening from August 2 – 4, 2019 at the Raffles Makati.

Now on its sixth year, the festival features an exciting series of talks, book signings, and panel discussions about literature and culture from local and international authors and artists. With the theme ‘Borderless: Bringing Stories from Asia to the World,’ this year’s festival aims to explore literature’s power to transcend boundaries and relate to people across the globe.

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Max’s Chicken Lomi is the Perfect Rainy Day Meal

July means the start of the rainy season. It’s when we’re more careful to remember to bring our umbrellas, stop planning beach trips, and prepare our outfits that are gloom- and splash-friendly. The occasional rain is perfect for people like me who sweat a lot and I welcome this weather with open arms.

One of the things I look forward to during the rainy season is curling up in bed with a warm snack. I discovered something new and it’s Max’s Chicken Lomi, a decadent bowl perfect for cuddle weather.

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Sending Money is Now Easy via GCash Money Transfer

I work hard all week, and sometimes there are pressing news that I’ve had to blog about instantly. And sometimes when loved ones need me to come through for them, the hassle of lining up for a money transfer can take me from other important matters I have to attend to. Good thing there’s GCash around to save me from queueing up.

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Yes, You Can Now Use Your Phone to Plant Trees

According to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources’ Forest Management Bureau (FMB), the Philippines is losing 47,000 hectares of forest cover every year. The FMB also reported the need to rehabilitate 1.2 million hectares of forest lands by 2022 to prevent landslides, ensure water availability, and preserve biodiversity. These are alarming numbers and many want to help, but there are those who don’t have the time or don’t know how. Now, there’s an option to plant trees without having to go out to actually plant one. All you need is an app.

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