Here’s a Skincare Hack to Help with Your Changing Sleep Schedule

To most of us who have probably lost track of day and time — it’s quite difficult to draw the line between work and play, especially now when you do both at home. You might have gone way beyond working hours to finish all of your e-mails, or binged-watch that K-drama series more than you thought you would. Or maybe you’re just lying in bed scrolling through your feed until you realize it’s 4AM. Sound familiar?

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Here’s How You Can Explore the City of Manila in the Comfort of Your Home

The quarantine may have us inside our homes for our own safety, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the things you could do and places you could visit by taking the LRT-1!

Those who have been wanting to take a tour of Manila and the wonderful spots and experiences it has to offer don’t need to worry anymore because it’s now more possible than ever to take in the best of the city through the wonders of technology. Yes, you can “visit” and enjoy it from home.

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Frontliners are Turned into Superheroes in Metro Manila Billboards

Leading media and creative agency Havas Ortega transformed digital billboards all over Metro Manila otherwise idled by the lockdown into empowering messages of strength for Filipino frontliners. Turning billboards once filled with ads into digital comic books featuring frontliners as superheroes, the agency’s Frontline Heroes is a tribute to the Filipinos who brave the dangers of the outside world so the rest of the country can survive inside their homes.

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8 Simple Tips to Keep You Safe When Going Out During the Quarantine

Just because we’re under an enhanced community quarantine doesn’t mean we can lower our guard and not be careful when we go out. In fact, I believe that anything can happen during these volatile times, so it’s important to be as cautious, maybe even more so, now. This is especially true for those who do not have private vehicles such as myself, because public utility vehicles have been suspended and we have to walk when going out to buy essentials.

Here are 8 simple tips to remember when going out. Keep in mind that it’s best to stay home and to only step out when absolutely necessary.

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