The “Sense8” Finale is Tomorrow. Here’s the Trailer To Prepare You

Sometimes, people get so invested in a TV show that it would break their hearts when it would be canceled. That’s certainly what happened when Netflix pulled the plug on Sense8, one of its original shows, without explanation or a clean finale. The reaction has been so intense with an outpouring of signatures on a Renew Sense8 website and petition. Because of this, Netflix is bringing the show back… for a two-hour finale that will be available starting tomorrow.

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Meet the 5 Types of Geeks You Can Encounter in Manila

Growing up, being a geek wasn’t considered cool. If you liked Pokemon, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and comic books, you were someone to be made fun of. I don’t know what happened but the paradigm has certainly shifted and calling yourself a geek is now something to be proud of. All of a sudden, even the cool guys were into Iron Man or The Force. It’s great because now there’s always someone to talk to about things that were once considered niche.

There are many types of geeks and here are the five types you can encounter in Manila:

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An Easy and Hassle-Free Recipe for Tuna Spaghetti

As a person living solo, one of my most important chores is cooking. I only started learning when my family migrated to the US, but I love doing it because I get to decide what I eat and the task itself is surprisingly therapeutic. Because I’m always busy with deadlines, events, and meetings, I go for recipes that are simple yet still nutritious. One of my newest recipes? Tuna spaghetti!

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These New Home Products From O Home Will Have You Healthier in No Time

Ever since I started living alone, I began to be more attuned to my home, seeing details I would not have noticed if I were still living with my family. I began to understand how demanding it is to maintain a house. One of the things I learned in my first month is: chores never end. It’s such a simple thing but it bears a different weight when you’re the one actually doing the chores.

Because of this, my dream home is a sustainable one, a house where I don’t have to worry about my health and one where I can just relax. I do so many things and I work mainly from home so I hope to create pockets of joy within this concrete block. For those looking for the same thing, you’ll appreciate the newly-launched O Home.

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The Vivo V9 Stuns in Elegant Velvet Red

Calling red as a head-turner is an understatement. No color has the same impact as red. Red represents a myriad of emotions and occasions from both ends of the spectrum. But global smartphone brand Vivo owns the color by highlighting its elegance that transcends trends.

Vivo has released its flagship smartphone, the V9, in Velvet Red:

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Cartoon Network Holds Summer Splash Party!

Summer isn’t my favorite season but when my favorite channel growing up holds a summer-themed party in an airconditioned mall, I knew I had to go. That’s how I found myself in TriNoma on Mother’s Day, watching episodes of Adventure Time and kids playing games themed to The Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes, and We Bare Bears.

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Starbucks Partners with French Label Paul & Joe

Who says coffee chains can’t collaborate with fashion labels? Two of my favorite things in the world just collaborated and I can’t get enough of the collection. I’m talking about Starbucks and cats!

Starbucks recently partnered with French fashion house Paul & Joe for a line of limited-edition drinkware, tote bag, Starbucks Card, and the Bearista inspired by Gipsy, Paul & Joe’s founder Sophie Méchaly’s pet cat. Paul & Joe fans will instantly recognize Gipsy, who has also become the brand’s symbol.

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