Savor Singapore’s Food Culture at the Singapore Food Festival 2019

This year, the Singapore Food Festival (SFF), an event dedicated to local cuisine and local talent, returns to showcase the country’s multicultural heritage with a reprisal of the theme, “Savour Singapore in Every Bite.” A total of 20 event partners offering myriad dining concepts and gastronomic experiences will come together for the three-week celebration from July 12 to 28, 2019.

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Cebu Pacific is Looking For Someone Who Can Travel the Philippines For Free!

As they say, travel is the best education. I agree with this because going to a new city or a foreign country can teach you so much about the world and yourself. Whenever I come home from a trip, I always feel like I’m a little bit wiser (just a little bit) and I feel like I’m stronger to take on life’s challenges. However, travel is expensive so it’s something I do maybe once a year. But what if I told you that you can travel the Philippines for free? It’s true because Cebu Pacific is looking for five people they can send around the country for an all-expense paid trip!

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5 Things to Do in Thailand This 2019 (or Any Year)

One of my favorite countries in Asia is Thailand. I’m a city boy by heart and I love the fast-paced environment of malls and shopping, but I still enjoy experiencing culture. In this region, the country does not disappoint. There are plenty of things to do in Thailand to soak up some history. And if you’re in the mood to party, there’s plenty of festivals to check out.

Here are five you can check out when you decide to visit:

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Want to Go to Singapore For Free? All You Need to Do is Sing!

Ever since I finished reading the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy (and fell in love with the film adaptation), I’ve been dreaming about visiting Singapore again. I’ve been there twice already but it seems there’s so much more to do than visit Gardens by the Bay, the Merlion, and Orchard Road.

If you caught the Singapore travel bug, too, you can win a trip to the Lion City because the Singapore Tourism Board launched the SINGapore Karaoke booth, where you can sing your heart out and possibly win tickets for two and four-star accommodations! The contest ran from October 19 to 21 at the Cortes De Las Palmas in Alabang Town Center, and the winners will be announced on October 25.

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Score Travel Deals at the 2018 Klook Travel Fest!

The holidays and the summer season are coming up, so I’m sure everyone is already planning their trips around the country and/or abroad. As for me, I’m preparing for a quick Hong Kong getaway next month and I’m thinking of celebrating my 30th birthday with a trip to Japan. I’m half-Japanese but I haven’t been there in so long that I’m thinking of going on a solo trip. It’s now easy to book flights because of promo fares, and now vacationing is even easier because you can also book travel deals at the upcoming Klook Travel Fest 2018!

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According to Studies, This is What the Filipino Traveler is Like

Ever since airlines started offering budget fares, more and more Filipinos began traveling and exploring the world. I am one of those Filipinos and I now no longer think twice about flying to Hong Kong for a weekend of rest or going to Bangkok for a dose of culture. I don’t have trips lined up for this year and I can already feel my feet itching to fly somewhere and discover new things.

As many Filipinos are already planning their next destinations, I’m wondering what the profile of the Filipino traveler is like. Are they like me who is fine sharing a room with eight other strangers from around the world? Or who prefers visiting temples and museums instead of amusement parks?

Amadeus, a leading provider of advanced technology solutions for the global travel industry, published Journey of Me Insights: What Filipino Travelers Want, which is part of an Asia Pacific traveler study spanning 14 markets. And what they found was incredibly interesting.

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10 Reasons Why Ethiopia Should Be Your Next Destination

Lately I’ve been thinking about Africa. I don’t know exactly what triggered it. Could it be the long summer days? My excitement over the recently-announced staging of The Lion King musical in the Philippines? Whatever the case, the beauty of Africa has captivated me and I am longing to visit and see its wonders.

One of the countries I want to visit is Ethiopia. Ethiopia is rich in culture, tradition, history, and wildlife. In fact, the country has eight World Heritage Sites and is the home of Lucy, a fossil dating back 3.2 million years ago. Because of this, the country is being called the birthplace of humankind.

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