Ballet Manila’s “Swan Lake” is Spellbinding and Magical

Any conversation on ballet will inevitably touch on Swan Lake, one of the form’s most timeless pieces. I was lucky enough to have seen it again, this time from Ballet Manila, and I was spellbound by the magic I saw on stage.

Swan Lake tells the story of Odette, a beautiful young princess who is turned into a white swan by an evil sorcerer’s curse. The only way to break the spell is for a virgin to fall in love with her and promise eternal fidelity. Siegfried, a young prince who needs to find a bride, meets her and falls in love, but the sorcerer has other plans, using the black swan.

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The Biggest Little Play Festival in the World is Back in the Philippines!

Social media and our waning attention span have taught us that the length of a story, a film, or a play doesn’t necessarily guarantee quality. This month, Short+Sweet Theatre is returning to Manila for a collection of 10-minute plays, proving that big things indeed come from small packages.

Short+Sweet Theatre is known around the world as the festival of 10-minute plays and the biggest little play festival. It showcases bite-sized stories handpicked from submissions, and covers a wide breadth of genres from comedy to drama, romance, and tragedy.

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Rep’s Beauty and the Beast is a Charming Musical Not Just For Kids

Beauty and the Beast is a timeless story that many of us grew up with. We know the characters, the scenes, and the songs like the familiar rooms of a well-loved home, and it was a joy to revisit them in the live-action remake that was shown this year. What we seem to have forgotten is that it is one of many interpretations. Now, we can watch a different take on this story of true love and selflessness with Repertory Philippines’ charming stage adaptation for kids.

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